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multiple bag purchases

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A friend of mine in South Carolina who had used my Olam bags in 1986 asked if I would make a bag for him as I did at Olam. At that time, I was making bedspreads for hotels, motels and cruise ships. I had all of the components so I said yes. Actually, I made two but never gave him one.

However, that request was the catalyst that put me back in the sleeping bag business.

Now that io was back in the business in S.C. for several months and doing well he told me I had a problem. I asked what it was and he said, “my bags were so good I would only sell one to a customer.” My response was “ if they are so good the customers will tell their friends and if their friends bought a bag each, they would tell their friends and if only one million of the 300,000,000 people in the country bought one, I will have one hell of a business.” I have yet to sell the millionth bag but after 34 years I am getting closer.

That said, my relationship with Charlton [his name in the event he is still alive and reads my articles] I hope he reads this one so he can read the following testimonial I received today.


I have seven sons, all Eagle Scouts, and learned about Wiggy sleeping bags while camping in northern Idaho! One of my son’s bought a Wiggy’s Super Light and while he didn’t go camping with us that winter, I borrowed his Wiggy bag. Best night’s sleep ever!
After that I have purchased more than 10 Wiggy’s bags for my family and never worry about sleeping uncomfortably anymore.
I tell all I can about Wiggy’s bags and the guarantee! Simply the best!!!
Live in Logan Utah now

Larry Johnson

All I know today is that Larry I am happy to report is part of a considerable number of people who over the years have purchased several bags for their own use as well as many more for their family members. I like to think the reason for their purchases is for the reason Charlton told me; “my bags are so good I would only sell one to a customer.” I am very sure I have sold only one to many customers but the number who have bought more for their family’s is quite extensive. In addition, the number who have made purchases because of word of mouth advertising is also quite significant, for which I am incredibly grateful.


Vegeto Launches a High Performance Insulation Material Made of Milkweed

January 18, 2022

Vegato milkweed insulation

COWANSVILLE, Canada— January 18, 2022 — Vegeto, a Canadian supplier in the sustainable production and processing of plant textile fibers, innovates with the launch of a high performance milkweed insulation material. This new innovative product represents a preferred, ecofriendly solution for the outdoor clothing and equipment market, notably jackets, handwear and sleeping bags.

Several weeks ago, I was in conversation with a young man in Boston telling me he and a few associates [one knew me] were designing some outerwear with milkweed insulation and I shrugged it off. He must be collaborating with this company.

I grew up the first 15 summers of my life in the Catskill Mountains and know all about milkweed. We had to be careful because black widow spiders had their webs in them.

That said there must be a significant amount of milkweed growing in Canada to make it worthwhile to harvest it, but to use it for an insulation leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyone who has played with milkweed knows how soft it is and it is not crimped so it does not have any loft and if it is mixed with any fibers that do have a crimp it will still flatten easily. Being a natural material, it is porous and will therefore absorb and retain moisture.

Maybe the company that is playing with the milkweed can sell it to ralph lauren to stuff in the tubes of his “intelligent insulation”.

What will someone think up next to use an an insulation?

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