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never changing the temperature ratings of my products

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I am not surprised when a second person steps up and speaks of their experience with my bags performing at temperatures that are lower than I rate the bags.


"I told Jeff his experience is why i will not lower the amount of Lamilite I put in my bags or lower the temperature capability of the bags. He used an Ultra-Light plus 20-degree F bag into single digits!!!"

I'm not at all surprised. As I've written before, I used the 50-degree F slumber bag to the mid-30s and slept well. And the slumber bag doesn't have a hood so there is a bit more heat loss and cold air that slips in than a bag with a hood. Based on my experience I add 10 degrees to the comfort rating of a Wiggy's sleeping bag, 15 degrees to the "I'll still sleep well" rating, and at least 20 degrees to the "it isn't going to be fun but I will still be alive" rating. In my world a 20-degree F Wiggy's sleeping bag is still going to keep me alive at 0 degrees F. It would probably keep me alive at temps colder than 0 but I don't want to test it.

I was going to wait to write until I had a chance to try out my latest order that will get here tomorrow but Jeff's comment just reiterates my experience with Wiggy's sleeping bags.

We'll be dropping below freezing during the evenings at the end of the week, so the Fargo area will be frozen again soon.


I am always pleased to know someone has the type of confidence in the performance capability of my sleeping bags as Jack has.

Jack thank you for your comments.


The investigation into the activities of the sole sourcing of the over boots, I really believe muk luks is underway. How long it will take to complete and what I am told remains to be seen. I will report as information is presented to me. what I am sure of is that Todd Towles is having a bad day and maybe a bad week.

I had a very pleasant conversation with the IG he explained to me the process. What I am in the dark about is if the process of manufacturing is halted until a decision is made based upon their findings.


I am happy to say these two items are doing well with the civilian marketplace. What is a pleasant surprise are the number of fire-retardant models that are being ordered!


One of the employees at Wiggy’s informed me we should be in the 20’s by Thursday. He is the person who cuts all the Lamilite and he is cutting more Lamilite for jackets now than for sleeping bags. the three best selling garments are the Urban Antarctic parka, Barron Grounds parka and Sweater all made with the Ducksback material. Maybe sometime in the future probably after the first of next year they will drop the price and if so I’ll be buying the fabric again, we will see.

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