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The pandemic has created several maybe new customers for gore, nike being one. This being one of them, recently I read about another company that has been in business for several years in Jackson, Wyoming that makes skiwear now using the goretex. But nike has been around as long as gore but to the best of my knowledge has never used goretex in their footwear.

Why is this now happening? easy to answer the question. All 3 companies are experiencing a drop in sales. The culprit for that happens to be the pandemic. Nike and the skiwear company are seeing their retail distribution outlets (retailers) close and in the case of nike one of then has nike on the hook for 40 million. The skiwear company is much smaller so they may be stuck for something. Gore also has seen a drop in sales because manufacturers aren’t selling so they aren’t buying material.

Gore probably went to these companies and working together they believe they can generate sales. The skiwear company is insignificant no matter what the sell, but nike is different, it could be quite large.

What I continue to find interesting is the fact that companies that have been in business for several years or in the case of nike maybe 40 or more years and they haven’t until now chose to incorporate the goretex film in their products. Why now? To hopefully increase sales.

Nike is a footwear manufacturer and for as long as nike has been in business other footwear manufacturers have been incorporating goretex film in their footwear; primarily boot manufacturers. If the goretex material in boots is so good why didn’t nike use it? Probably because it is expensive to use and they were selling all they could make anyway. But now that nike is falling on hard times so to speak, I do not believe they are going out of business at all but just hard times for them, so the look at doing something that will be beneficial to their bottom line.

The geniuses at nike do not know that ALL owners of boots as well as other products such as rain garments that incorporate goretex have one thing in common, they are wet on the inside of their garments from their own perspiration regardless if it is raining or not. Why is that? Because as we know the goretex is not very vapor permeable (or as they say breathable).

Now the literature published by nike is that your feet if wearing the new model air force 1 sneaker will be warm and dry. Certainly, if you are wearing them in warm weather how is it possible for your feet to be dry meaning that the perspiration from your feet is getting out of the sneaker. The only difference between the person wearing these sneakers in warm weather versus the person wearing the boot in cold weather is that your feet are warm in warm weather and the person wearing the boots in cold weather has cold feet. However, each person has wet feet. We know this to be true based upon all of the documentation I have published over the years. [As an aside the gore company has NEVER come back to me about all of what I have said about them and bobby gore.]

Is it possible the geniuses at nike used a pair of these sneakers and ignored the reality that the goretex does not let out the moisture or did they choose not to bother “testing” them themselves? They never tested them in the first place. They took as gospel from the gore representatives that it works!

This is the problem; we have the gore representative not thinking, if he did, he or she would know that goretex does not work and therefore probably not work for gore. But he or she does and as such is proudly lying about the product, they represent and sell. Then you have the buyer a person who also does not think because, if they did, he or she, they wouldn’t be sitting down with gore in the first place, why? because they too would know it doesn’t work. But they are buying into it for the promotional dollars, so they are happy to further promote the lie about goretex used in the nike sneakers.

This my readers is a perfect example of how large corporations individually or in concert SCAM the general public. The boot companies have been doing it for probably 45 of the 50 years gore has been selling goretex. They and I mean every one of them has been promoting the lie about goretex working as gore advertises.

So, there you have it mr. nike, you have joined the ranks of manufacturing companies who gladly promote the lie about goretex. 

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