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parka for sale

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About 10 years ago I asked Kok to make me a Novasuede Antarctic parka. I do not think I wore it more than ten times and that was only to go out socially.

I saw it hanging in my closet and decided to offer it for sale.

It is the brown Novasuede and it has the L-12 insulation in it.

It also has a coyote ruff.

If I were to cost the parka it would be in the $750.00 range.

The price to own this one of a kind parka is only $500.00.

It is an extra-large size.

It will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

You can send me an email and I will respond immediately.

When sold I will publish a follow up newsletter.

Good luck


Now for two testimonials I just received!

Comfort You Can Rely On. WORTH IT.

Spent over 700 to get it in multicam and if you have the type of leadership that support you investing in your own gear GET THIS.

Honestly thought that there's no way it could be rated to -80 F and WOW I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was -5 (with wind chill) when I got it in the mail, so I did what any rational person would do after spending too much money on gear: I used it.

Went outside my porch in shorts and sandals, worried I was going to find out I am dumb with my money, but then I crawled into the sleeping bag and somehow just felt fine. I brought my phone and camelback to keep me entertained/hydrated, and there was enough space for me to prop my phone up to watch some Netflix as the wind howled outside my bag. What caught me off guard was that I started to get so hot I stripped down from my shorts and T-shirt to avoid sweating and even then, I was STILL hot. I had to crack the zipper halfway down to let out enough heat to regulate the temperature and it stayed that way even till dusk. Woke up in the morning completely unprepared for the cold to bite at me when I emerged from the bag, and for anyone else who's learned the hard way that the temperature ratings in sleeping bags is only for you survive not comfort, this was simply INCREDIBLE. No cold aches, no shivering at night, just warmth that makes you never want to climb out.

Simply incredible and will be passing the word around for anybody who wants a bag that can let them cold camp in winter. Going to try to see how well this works with a bivi to see if I can camp without a shelter.

Keep up the excellent work!


1.Love This Bag

Big, roomy, heavy duty zipper, warm as can be. My wife and I even use this when we are sick and need something extra warm and cozy to be in to recover. By far my favorite sleeping bag. Pretty bulky though but really the only sleeping bag I'd rely on for any serious freezing weather use. REI gear is flimsy by comparison, bad zippers, insulation gets lumpy, etc.

CEO himself reached out via email. Very impressive customer service. Will be buying again for sure!!

– Jim

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