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people ask about the relationship of lamilite and climashield

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Periodically I receive a question about the differences between Lamilite and Climashield.

Lamilite predates Climashield by a number of years. Lamilite is a combination of continuous filament fiber laminated to two fabrics; one fabric on either side of the fiber. I started doing this with the original continuous filament fiber that was marketed as Polar Guard. So Lamilite was a product joined with the original continuous filament fiber available at the time. In the course of time the company producing the Polar Guard went by the wayside and a new company Harvest Consumer Insulations took over the manufacture of the continuous filament fiberfill product and they named their product Climashield. The end result of Lamilite is a combination of fabric and Climashield as its core.

Since the inception of Climashield the product is a much better product than the previous Polar Guard product. The reason in my opinion is because the people who work at the Harvest Company from ownership to sales people and those involved in the actual manufacture of the product have a far greater interest in the quality of product they put on the market.

The Wiggy’s bags have improved significantly from the days I used Polar Guard. The quality is dependent primarily on the ability of making a uniform product and that can only be done if you pay attention to how the fiber is processing through the equipment that converts it to a batting material that I as a manufacturer can use. The uniformity is superb. I have looked at another company’s product and it is un-useable. But it is made in Asia so some of the USA companies who chose to keep their production in Asia may very well buy it that would be to the detriment of their customers.

When the Lamilite is produced using the Climashield some remarkable things happen to it; water the nemesis of all people who go into the field is simply not effected by water, that cannot be said about any other insulating material used for sleeping bags oR cold weather clothing to include parkas, hand wear or foot wear. Down with or without the water repellency treatment does absorb water, every other polyester fiberfill product sold for insulation purposes does retain water and then there are two or three companies that offer cold weather clothing and maybe even sleeping bags that utilizes open cell foam as its insulation (this is the most dangerous of the materials used for insulation that I have ever seen). Number two attribute is the fact that it does not collapse and stay collapsed no matter how many times a Wiggy bag is stuffed or an article of clothing is stuffed. It always returns to its original loft. Every other form of insulation will deteriorate after a while except the foam, it will ultimately break apart but it will still be popping back. The third attribute is the launder ability of Lamilite. Imagine being able to wash your Lamilite /Climashield product sleeping bag, parka, etc. whenever it gets dirty, since the longevity of Wiggy products is many years the products can be laundered hundreds or thousands of times. Every other company that offers similar products would prefer that you do not wash them, probably because they know washing their product will more than likely destroy it. As for washing the foam insulated products, once exposed to water it is soaked up like the sponge and you might break your washing machine. And you would probably tear the seams of the garment. All due to the weight of the trapped water.

Having worked with the continuous filament fiber since its inception on the market in 1968 I am so confident of its durability and also I have learned over these many years of its performance characteristics that I am also equally confident of its ability to perform as I advertise it.

I take a great deal of pride in helping to show why Climashield when used to make Lamilite is second to no other product available in the world used as an insulation. Maybe at some point in the future, not to distant I hope some of the domestic manufacturing companies will want to buy Lamilite / Climashield for their products and then they can say what I say, “SIMPLY THE BEST”!

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