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praise for Wiggy's quality

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American Quality from An American Company

Wiggy's makes a quality product IN AMERICA. I ordered a Wiggy's Ultra-Light (Long/Wide) for a trip to Utah. I was unsure if the bag would arrive in time, but Wiggy's shipping was prompt and I got my bag with plenty of time to spare. As soon as I got the bag, I hopped inside of it to see what it was like. It surpassed my expectations. I was simply hoping to find a decent bag that fit me (6'6''). What I got was not a decent bag, it was an excellent bag. The material is durable and the insulation is warm. Also, the lining material is good. It is not some cheap polyester or cheap fleece that clings to your skin. I'm impressed by the quality of the bag. It may not be flashy, it may not be some new design, but that's because it works. Why change it? It is American quality from an American company.
Good Job Wiggy's!


Many thanks to Z.B.

Two Is Better Than One...

All of my Wiggy's bags are rated at 20 degrees or colder. I live in WA. state and spend a lot of the summer sleeping outside in a hammock on our patio between the garage and the house.
It is a natural wind tunnel on our patio. There is almost always a breeze going through there every night. I live on Puget Sound. I ordered one of these bags to use for summer use because the 20-degree bags were too warm. Because of the constant moving air, and I have always been a "cold" sleeper (wearing socks to bed every night), I found the design of this bag--sewn thru the insulation every 8-inches, i was a bit on the cool side on some nights. After talking to Jerry, I ordered a second one and stuffed one inside the other and then I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Everything changed. Head facing South toward the wind, the hood broke the wind and infinite adjustments available--arms between the bags on warm nights, ventilate my feet, or one zipper sundown. I never have to cinch the bag down like cold weather because I am looking for ways to ventilate. Jerry says I now have a 20-degree bag if I need it. Both of them in an over-sized stuff bag makes a good camp lounger to sit on.

D. Bounds

This is the first time I know what Dallon did with the second bag. Maybe some-time he will hang the hammock between two trees. Yes, it now is a 20 degree bag system.

As I age, and I continue to enjoy getting letters [emails] like these. I only wish the almost 5 or 600 actual letters were in the form of emails which I could share with my readers. I looked into having them scanned and added to the list of testimonials but it would be an arduous job so I keep them in a box behind my desk.

If someone else takes over Wiggy’s I’ll be able to read them in my leisure as a retiree.

In the mean-time we at Wiggy’s have a full plate of orders to fill. A good many are our Ultima Thule and Antarctic models both mummy shape and the Hunter version which is the rectangular shape.

Considering the world situation not only is gas spiking but home heating oil is also increasing. Sleeping bags will come in handy when people cut down on their home heating, I know I have. I have been using my TV blanket for almost two months while watching TV.

All I will say is “after the effects of the pandemic the world did not need what is going on now”. The saddest of things in my life time [80 years].

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