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"New Drirelease blend promises warmth even in lightweight yarns


Yarn developer Drirelease has used hygroscopic and heat-generating micro-denier acrylic fibre, blended with natural or regenerated cellulose fibres such as merino wool or lyocell to make a blend called Heat.

According to the company, Heat can provide a high thermal value, even in lightweight yarns, because the blend is designed to pull sweat and vapour away from the body to enhance thermal regulation.

It has said the yarn also provides a soft feel and high level of pilling performance, making it suitable for baselayers, midlayers, sweaters, and socks."

Most of you have probably never heard of this company. Their claim to fame is that they make yarns that I guess remove moisture from the garment made from the fabric made from their yarns. I once years ago spoke with one of their “engineers” inquiring how this was possible. I got nowhere in my discussion because he could not explain how the process works. So, as you can imagine, the conversation did not last much longer since I knew I was speaking with as idiot. Idiocy permeates in the company. I’ll explain.

As I have said I have been in the textile industry since 1961, which is 62 years. I have been selling insulation in one form or another, the last 36 years in finished products mostly sleeping bags and in all of that time I have never known of a “heat generating fiber” of any sort. Is it possible that a “micro-denier acrylic fiber, blended with natural or regenerated cellulose fibers such as merino wool or lyocell to make a blend called Heat.” [ I could not find a definition of what lyocell is.] If a company were to buy a fabric made from these yarns it would warm to the body heat of the person wearing the garment. The natural fibers such as the merino or cellulose would absorb the moisture of the wearer. Possibly the lyocell would do the same? “Heat can provide a high thermal value” they claim, no it can’t. Where is it getting the heat from, what is its

source? The natural blend of fibers is not pulling sweat away, it is absorbing it. As for the vapour what ever has not become liquid, i.e. sweat it will move through the spaces between the yarns. Because of its ability to absorb moisture fabrics made from yarns made of this blend of fibers are not suitable for baselayers, midlayers or socks, because it absorb moisture sweaters okay.

In my opinion these people at drirelease are idiots. [IDIOT; A FOOLISH OR SENSELESS PERSON] They express foolish and senseless information about a product they are or will be selling. It is as I see it they are another company trying to market a form of insulation that simply does not exist. Why are they doing this? Because the companies that claim to make cold weather clothing are failing because they have and continue stay with forms of insulation that do not perform so any company that makes a claim they are quick to jump on.

Maybe, just maybe the cold weather garment makers will wake up to the fact that right here in the USA we have the greatest insulating material on the planet “continuous filament fiberfill”; Climashield or Lamilite.

I can promise you that you will not experience warmth from drirelease “heat”.

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