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“Nike will earn a tax break as part of a deal to open a large e-commerce warehouse in Ontario, CA, according to a report in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Nike agreed to locate and stay in Ontario for nearly 12 years, generating sales tax revenues for the city’s general fund. But Ontario only keeps half of that revenue. The rest gets paid back to Nike in quarterly payments, city officials said.

The agreement was ratified by the Ontario City Council on September 15.

The city expects to realize $52,000 per year in property taxes and $60,000 in annual business license taxes.”

I recently read that Nike is a $40 billion dollar company with enormous profits so their stock value has increased and Ontario CA is so hard up for a company to move their they give them a tax break. Nike should just open their pocket and pay their way as they are a for profit company and claim to make lots of profit. I just read in Sportstextiles web site where I reprinted this article in a separate article that Nike had an 82% increase in sales via their internet site.

Why are they only going to stay 12 years, so the city of Ontario will extend the tax break to keep them from moving? Probably so. Then of course the city further taxes the residence of the city.

Everyone wants a handout even the largest of companies.

This form of welfare goes on all over the country. What if these cities were to give tax free monies to local companies that really need the assistance? IT IS RIDICULOUS!!!

The following article is from the same issue of Sportstextiles.

Wool insulation a “sustainable alternative to polyester fillings”


German textile company Baur Vliesstoffe has developed a “natural, renewable and sustainable alternative to polyester fillings” made with virgin wool and corn.

Called lavalan, the wool insulation is said to already be used in outdoor brands including Fjällräven, Alpina Sports, Tatonka, Grüezi Bag and Ziener. The wool is said to be sourced entirely from European countries and to be mulesing-free.

“Wool is one such fibre that provides unmatched breathability, cozy warmth and a constant body climate regardless of activity levels or altering weather conditions,” said the team behind lavalan. “Besides its thermo regulating properties, wool is capable of neutralising bad odours for a longer use without unnecessary wash cycles.”

The person who wrote promotional literature for this German company is living in a dream world. For unmatched breathability wool does not come close to Lamilite/Climashield. It is obvious the writer has never worn wool clothing and been physically active. If the writer had, the writer would know the statement “constant body climate regardless of activity level or altering weather conditions” is asinine [unintelligent, foolish, stupid] should I go further! There is no fiber that is converted to an insulating material that is capable of accomplishing such actions. “Besides its ‘thermo regulating properties’, it has none. No insulating material even Lamilite/Climashield has a thermometer attached to it to regulate the temperature. That is why a Lamilite/Climashield jacket has a zipper. Get to warm open the zipper and you cool. Again, an asinine statement. And now for the icing on the cake “ wool is capable of neutralizing bad odors”, impossible. Wool is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture and as such if the moisture has an odor the wool absorbs it. Anyone who owns wool garments and sweats while wearing them will know the wool retains the odor because it retains the moisture ;i.e. sweat.

This German company has an abundance of wool available to them and is looking for a market to sell what they are capable of making. What I object to is offering the product for a specific purpose under false pretenses. I do not know how the corn fits into the product mix as this is the first time, I have ever heard of corn used in an insulating medium. All I can imagine is that it becomes a binder to hold the wool fiber together. Wool battings must be quilted to hold the wool fibers in place when washed, but it will break apart with in the quilted section unless a very small quilt pattern is used, then you have very limited insulation. But regardless the thickness will decrease.

I wonder if the companies they list using it promote it as this article does, if they do it would surprise me.

What we have here is a company trying to emulate the gore company who as we know has made a fortune selling a product based on a lie, and so this opens the door for more companies regardless of product offering their product based on in this case lies.

Once again this German company gives me the opportunity to state unequivocally that Lamilite/Climashield, a continuous filament fiberfill insulation that stands alone as the only insulating material in the world for use in sleeping bag and all forms of outerwear clothing to include footwear to headwear and every garment item in between that should be used by manufacturing companies worldwide that make these products. If they did, they would better serve people who need outerwear that will keep them warm.

If they did these companies would not have to dream up ways to entice customers, all they would have to say we use Lamilite/Climashield or just Climashield and their customers would automatically know what they are buying will perform.

They would be welcome to say “WE USE WHAT WIGGY USES” at no charge.  

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