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Numerous people backpack into the wilderness all year round and every one of them takes a sleeping bag which some take [Wiggy’s made sleeping bags] and others take what I refer to as “no sleep sleeping bags” available from a host of other companies. I saw on the Moosejaw web site a list of 573 no sleep sleeping bags from 222 different brands, hence a host of companies.

People venturing into the wilderness acquire what they believe is a sleeping bag that will serve the purpose of keeping them warm nightly while on their venture. They always take into consideration the wearing of clothing if necessary, meaning if the temperature goes lower than expected. They of course are so concerned about weight and compatibility they never consider the purchase of a conservatively rated sleeping bag but one that is survival rated. The survival rated bag will fit in their backpack.

Now they are out for a few days during which time they are generating moisture that is collecting in their clothing not that they are aware of it. Since they are not necessarily stripping down to underwear once in the bag, they begin to chill not realizing it is the moisture in their clothing that is draining away their body heat. In my opinion these people experience why I refer to so called no sleep sleeping bags that are not Wiggy’s bags. It is impossible to sleep when you are cold.

Your sleeping bag should be your sanctuary. I am getting more and more calls from people who are going into very cold environments so are contestants on the Alone program. When you enter a very cold environment your movements are slower and more arduous. At the end of your day the sleeping bag is your sanctuary. It should keep you comfortably warm. If you have a Wiggy bag for this environment you will experience something that is not possible with any other so called sleeping bag made; the driving of the moisture absorbed in your clothing out of the bag.

When you are in a winter environment doing work, you work up a sweat. If you stop the work the moisture causes you to get a chill. So, you go into a heated structure like a house where you dry and get warm. The house is your sanctuary.

When you are camping your sleeping bag is your sanctuary. For over 20 years I have received letters from people and I have published them in my newsletters stating that the person was wet for what ever reason and they got into their Wiggy bag and warmed very quickly and were able to sleep and were dry as was their clothing in the morning.

People who are so concerned about weight and compatibility become their own worst enemy when they go camping when they believe they can off set a light weight no sleep sleeping bag with their clothing. The reality is they will be in a bag that does not retain the heat their body is producing so that heat does not stay in the bag to drive out the moisture. So, they do not sleep because the moisture is doing what it does best absorb heat so you stay cold.

When people venture into extreme cold environments such as those who participate in the Alone program the need for a sleeping bag that will provide that safe haven, sanctuary can only be one and that is the appropriate sleeping bag for the environment and that of course is a Wiggy bag.

I have written for years about the fact that body produced moisture is and always will be the enemy of the human being in cold conditions.  

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