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socks, over boots and sunwalkers

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After putting these socks (13 inch) thru their paces - long pheasant hunts - stand sits for deer hunting - 60F to 10F - I am a firm believer in the quality and functionality of these socks. They keep your feet warm and dry and when you take them off, they air dry in 10minutes! Thanks, Jerry, for making a great product and for your help with my questions.

– Jeff


Hello Wiggy’s...

Sunwalker’s weigh less than any other Pac boot liner I have used, yet they are warmer. Warmer because your feet stay dry.
Your Pac boot uppers may be vapor permeable, but the rubber bottoms are not and after even a short hike there is always a puddle of perspiration down there. Conventional liners will be wet through to your socks along the footbed. With Wiggy’s Lamilite the outside of the Sunwalker may be wet, but the inside is still dry!
Sunwalker’s work great inside Wiggy’s Mukluks. Coupled with Lamilite socks it is the warmest I have been in a tree stand.

– Pete Clark

A few years back I purchased a pair of Lamilite socks and have been ever grateful. Early February we received our 1st COVID vaccine shot because we are old (we had COVID-19 back in November and it is some nasty stuff!). My reaction was as bad as the virus itself but only lasted a day. During the night, my feet were so chilled I just could not get warm, I mean freak in’ freezing! I dug out the lamilite socks, put them on, and TA DA: my feet became warmer than toast allowing me to get much needed sleep! Thank you!

2nd thing: Have you ever considered an over-the-calf model of lamilite socks, with just a tad of elastic to hold them up? I find the loose fit tempts me to put a pair of my regular o-t-c socks on over them (but I do not). Just a thought...

Thanks for quality! RJ Holz

– RJ Holz


Once again, I am receiving comments [testimonials] from customers about the Lamilite insulated socks and Pac boot inserts, SUNWALKERS.

Before I go further Kok and I discussed the idea of making an over the calf Lamilite sock and we think it is a very good idea, but we do not have the time to add it to our line of products. Truthfully, we are overwhelmed with order at this time, maybe for next year. RJ thank you for the suggestion.

I have no idea the number of Lamilite socks we have sold so far this winter, we get orders daily, but it is significant. Sales of the sun walkers has also increased significantly. People call asking if we have any of our Pac boots but sadly, they are gone. But I tell them to buy the least expensive Pac boots they can find and throw away the inserts and replace them with a pair of Sunwalker’s. when the Pac boots wear out get another pair and just keep using the Sunwalker inserts. No telling how long they will last.

Countless people have cold feet so my sleep socks, booties, Lamilite socks and Sunwalker’s are excellent to wear to sleep.

I have to take a moment to thank all of the companies that chose to make boots incorporating both the goretex and thinsulate for expanding the marketplace for me for my Lamilite socks.

Just about everybody who wears boot made with these to components has cold feet, even the employees of these companies, so they to are my customers. They do not want to be out in the cold with the boots the company they work for sell.


For the past 10 years that I know of the military is always coming out with a new 100 percent wool sock for the troops. The reason the look for a new wool sock is because each new sock absorbs and retains moisture, so the troops have cold feet. It makes no difference how many times they try a new wool sock they get the same result, is not that correct Einstein.

A word to the wise soldier, put those wonderful wool socks in a draw and wear them when you are in your dress uniform and Lamilite socks when you are in the field, you are welcome!

T5he general rule when it comes to soldiers as exhibited by the Natick crowd is that they will make do. The soldiers were issued “new” merino wool socks this winter or at least some and they too will discover these “new” merino wool socks are no different than the old wool socks. They at Natick function on the Einstein method of thinking too.

What a wonderful world we live in.

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