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Dear Jerry,

As always, your spot on, on your analyst.

I hope and pray, in the upcoming year of

2020,manufacturers,retailers,the military

and consumers, will start lessoning to you.

All your products are top of the line. All perform as you advertise. Happy New year,

and my God you, your family and business.

Best regards,


Lanett, Al.


I am 78 years young. You may use the above,

if you wish.

Larry’s email reminded me of a story about praying.

Seems several years ago I reporter for I think the NYT but not sure, about a new reporter at the Times heard about an elderly man in Israel who went to the “Wailing Wall” daily to pray. He had been doing this for 60 plus years and apparently it was heard here in the states.

So, this young reporter went to the editor and told him of the story and that it would make a good human interest story. He okayed the reporters request and the next day was on a plane to Israel.

The first morning there the reporter went to the Waling Wall and saw many men dressed in black garb.as one of the men lefty the reporter stopped him and asked if he knew the man coming each day for so many years and if so could point him out as the reporter wanted to do this human interest story to be published in the states. He did so with glee that the story was to be published in the states in the NYT.

As the old fellow walker far enough away from the wall the reporter stopped him and was identified and told the old fellow what the article was for. The old fellow agreed to the interview. The primary question was “what are you praying for”? his response was that there should be peace not only between Israel and the Arab states but thorough out the world, that all children should have ample food, and be able to get an education. And a long list of other things that would be beneficial to mankind.

The next question was based upon these 60 plus years that you have been praying what you think has occurred. His answer was quite short; “I think I have been talking to a wall”!

To respond to Larry’s comment about praying that so many will start listening to me is telling. I have been at it for 52 years now, so I am catching up with the fellow in Israel. If I live as long as my mother 94 years, I expect to surpass the old boy.

The problem is basically with the military they blatantly refuse to accept factual information. If they did with respect to insulation, they would only use continuous filament fiber and once that was in place, they would NEVER have any need to look for any other insulation since nothing is capable of being as good. If they were to wake up about goretex it would immediately be removed from the list of materials that have to be used in a variety of products because it DOES NOT WORK and that would end its use. But they are head strong and otherwise just stupid, goretex did not work the day they authorized it and they knew it but for what ever reason they continue to use it. Hell, if they went to the gore $15,000,000.00 laboratory, they couldn’t prove it, and I believe all of the gore employees know that.

Maybe I should go to the Wailing Wall!

Josh email me your phone number please.

One last comment. I have a 95 year old friend who walks, talks, drives still but he get cold easily. In 194 he received from me a pair of fishnets since we hunted together 3rd season.

We no longer hunt but each winter Bob wears his fishnets. this winter when we are having lunch i see him wearing them. it reminded me that as we age we produce less heat due to lack of muscle mass. 

it is now past Christmas but there is lots of winter left so you might consider getting that aging father, grandfather, uncle, aunt etc. at the least a fishnet top. After a few days of wearing it they will realize they are staying warmer than they were in those close knit base layer tops.  

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