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testimonials 2023

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Hi Wiggy,

I gifted my brother a pair of your Over boots, and I felt he did not appreciate them at all. He almost laughed at them before he threw them in his truck. Last weekend they left to the mountains on a four by four snow excursion trip. And his wife purchased $300 boots for the trip. My brother (at the last minute and as an afterthought) decided to use your Over boots; until he could purchase his new boots during his trip. His wife's $300 (Gortex) boots failed miserably. His wife had wet and cold feet the entire trip. My brother wore his sandals and your Over boots! ... and he was dry and warm the entire trip. He and his wife were so impressed that when they called me about their trip, all they could talk about was how well your Over boots performed.

He stated:

"By the way these were the best shoes for this trip! For getting in and out of the truck for doing recon in snow, mud, and rain!"

He also appreciated how easy they were to use going in and out hot natural spring waters and back into a snow cold environment.

My brother is now 100% future loyal customer and going to check out what other stuff you got... because it definitely works!

My brother thanks you, and I'm having the last laugh!


Thank you, Daniel, for the story. Will your brother do the right thing and get his wife a pair of over boots? Time will tell.

Hey, Wiggy, these new thirteen inch Lamilite socks are the cat’s meow. I've been wearing them in my edge water muck boots all day in 50 degree temperature and my feet have never felt wet from sweat like they normally do.
I still have the brown ones from years ago and they still work
but newer grey ones have a more substantial feel to them and are doing a great job of staying in place.


Mike has been an exceedingly longtime customer; I think since I started in S.C. He has sent testimonials in the past.

Thank you , Mike.

I am incredibly pleased to say both of these products have been selling very well. More and more people are doing the right thing for their feet.

When you are out in the cold for any purpose if your feet are cold there is no enjoyment.

The companies that produce footwear products are aways coming up with new ideas and hence new products that will help to keep your feet warm. However, they are constantly failing to come up with any new product that actually does what they want to accomplish “keep peoples feet warm”.

There is only one way to keep your feet warm; first you wear socks that do not absorb the moisture coming out of your feet which are Lamilite socks. Second wear the over boots that are insulated with Lamilite. It does not matter if the boots you are wearing have gortex and thinsulate in them or are just leather which I think are best you will have warm feet.

So, the answer to the question is how can I have warm feet, I have just answered it.

Now we can have a happy new year with warm feet.

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