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Today I am publicizing three new testimonials I have just received that I proudly display

I have had my Hunter bag for about 20 years. I use it every year, during the winter, in the Colorado mountains. I moved recently and could not find it. I stopped by the store and bought a new one, while driving to Durango. The bag worked great at 8300 feet and 20 degree weather. I have bought other bags for lighter weather, for me and my family. Several of my friends have bought bags, on my recommendation. These bags are great.

– Mike Mc

I finally broke away from the daily grind to go camping for an evening on the western side of the Big Horn mountains in northern Wyoming. It was early fall and my camp was just below tree line, about 9800 feet.
I was really tired and fell asleep with the tent door open.
A quick storm blew through and dumped a large amount of cold rain. Before I woke up, I was in a lake of water in my tent. My Antarctic sleeping bag kept me completely warm and comfortable. Thanks, Wiggy!

– David Patterson

I spent 14 days dog sledding and camping in Nunavut at the 76 Parallel. Temps hovered between -8 and +10 with wind chills well below those numbers. I used Wiggy’s mukluks over my boots and never suffered cold feet! I added Lamilite socks to my feet which helped wick moisture away and I think made a huge difference with my comfort. I also used an -60 Wiggy’s sleeping bag that kept me toasty warm all night. All great products! Thank you Wiggy for making superior American made gear!!!

– Derek Gentile

Over the years that I have been publishing testimonials I have probably said how grateful I am that customers take the time to write to me about their experiences with the various products that we at Wiggy’s make.

I am also pleased when customers say they have recommended Wiggy products and been told those who they recommended them too did buy them.

Thank you


Being told about sleeping in a “lake” comfortably is a situation that no other sleeping bag can accomplish, need I say more.

Thank you


I am very sure Derek’s experience can not be duplicated with any other products available from any other company in the world. Derek was in an environment that is very unforgiving.

Thank you, Derek, for your account of your experience.

We are starting to go into our winter and I feel very confident those who buy my Lamilite socks, as well as our appropriate insulated over boots or mukluks will have warm feet.

For those who winter camp isn’t nice to know [only if you have a Wiggy bag] that moisture will not be a problem. Each of the testimonials had moisture activity and it was never a problem.

Now if only the military paid attention to non-military people who use Wiggy products in moisture laden environments which is always rampant during the winter when snow is ever present the troops will benefit from having Wiggy products, that is they will be warm when dry or wet. 

I wonder if they [the military] can say the same about aerogel? 

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