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testimonials and a sad story

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Received purchase yesterday and in time for my next camp in the Highlands in Scotland. A very, very satisfied customer with your product. That's my FTRSS Sleeping system complete now and the quality and workmanship put into this product is second to none, mindfulness, price etc. A fantastic purchase from an astounding company that I for one will continue to use. Even though I live in the UK and import taxes are applied this will never put me off making any purchases from your company as I know I'm getting top notch quality at a fantastic price with a trusted name. Once again thank you to all at your company for the hard work and dedication that you put in to making the sale of this product a pleasure from start to finish of my order.

Regards Andrew Cooper

Four comforters, 2 Urban Antarctic parkas, fishnet drawers, & a dog jacket later, all is well. Safe & warm. Latest purchase was fourth comforter for sister & brother in-law for use in their motorhome when travelling. They LOVE it! Sounds like they'll be using it at home also. Works best in close contact with body. Too many attributes to list. BOTTOM LINE: KEEP 'EM COME'N, ACE!!!!


Imagine you are 80 years old as I am, you have a manufacturing company, and you constantly receive letters from customers who have the products you make; in my case it makes me feel so good that I want to keep going.


Sitka, the manufacturer of performance hunting apparel and specialized gear, has introduced its most advanced line of insulation pieces with its Ambient Collection.

What does ambient mean?

The Collection adapts to changing weather conditions and levels of activity—when users are static and temperatures are low, the pieces insulate to deliver warmth. When wearers are active or the temperature rises, the pieces breathe to expel heat.

Do they mean stationary when they say “static”? This is a new way to use the word. Exactly how does the insulation “deliver warmth”? This “advanced line of insulation” now knows when the temperature rises,

the insulated pieces breathe to expel heat. How can this happen?

These active insulation products adapt to changing conditions allowing for more efficient layering,” said John Barlow, Sitka’s Big Game product manager. “The Ambient Collection transitions seamlessly from outerwear when active to a mid-layer as activity slows and temperatures drop.”

These “active insulation products” are capable of adapting to changing conditions and the end result is you are now allowed to layer more efficiently. This collection of insulated outerwear garments allows you to transition to a mid-layer. Is it the same garment or do you have to remove the outerwear layer garment? John Barlow is a talking head and truly has know knowledge of reality when it comes to insulated garments and shortly you will relearn why.

The Collection features the Ambient Jacket for men and women and a Men’s Ambient Hoody made with post-consumer recycled PrimaLoft Evolve insulation, 20-denier ripstop nylon fabric, a DWR finish for weather protection, and mechanical stretch for a full range of motion.

PrimaLoft Evolve insulation mimics properties found in animal fur with fibers of differing lengths and deniers to create natural highs and lows in the material, producing open structures that maximize airflow when in motion and air is trapped when at rest, offering optimal thermal performance with low bulk.

We now know why there is gibberish comments about the advanced insulation. It is primaloft so called insulation that Sitka is using. Now we know why John Barlow speaks in gibberish. It is because the primaloft people have told him that he will sell more garments if he uses their material. This company primaloft is using waste fiber that is a mixture of different fibers. When fiber is produced each production run is uniform. If there is a problem with the fiber is waste. So, if there are production runs of different of different fibers and there are problems the just mix all the waste together. You can buy this waste cheap. Yes, when you process the fibers because they are different you do not get a uniform batting resulting in high and low areas. All of what is said in the above para graph is gibberish.

Sitka designed the pieces without a traditional liner, making the garments two layers instead of the conventional three-layer construction for a more efficient transfer of heat and moisture.

“This collection increases the performance of any Sitka clothing system providing unmatched versatility during active pursuits in cool and cold weather,” Barlow added. “The Ambient Collection is your adaptive insulation solution.”

The non-traditional liner they are referencing is nothing more than a “traditional liner,” it is quilted because like every known primaloft product it has to be quilted to stay in place. These garments allow heat to move out of them very easily because primaloft is as inefficient a form of insulation as you can buy.

Seems to me the Sitka organization is trying anything to develop sales, even if it means in my opinion not being truthful with their prospective customers. everything that is said about their ambient garment collection is erroneous.

They will never receive letters about their products 20 years from now as I do. Of course they may not be around in 20 years.

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