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the rip off

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Today I received an email about the taxes for mail order from a company I believe in Colorado. The writer said they saw a Wiggy bag on amazon.

I went to the amazon web site and typed in Wiggy’s sleeping bags and sure enough there was a sleeping bag from Wiggy’s. It is said to be a complete sleep system. The price listed was $299.00. But if you order it in some manner you could save $50.00. It is a military issue bag no different than the consumer bag.


This is a used bag and probably a super light with a compression stuff sack. It is not a system as stated. You can buy the super light from me Wiggy’s unused and delivered to your door for $190.00.

Where amazon got the bag is probably from a soldier who is no longer in the military. Does amazon do the same thing as ebay with an area to sell used merchandise? I do not know and I did not nor will I spend time on the site to find out. My reader has advised me the company doing the ripping off is Laird Company and maybe they got it from a soldier, not Wiggy’s and even though they say new I am quite sure it is not. Laird has a significant number of items on amazon so amazon is an accessory to the rip off.

The reality is as far as I am concerned amazon probably does the same thing with other products so the ultimate consumer who is too busy to do the research and learn and will continue to get ripped off. Things sure do get convoluted so who do you buy from and therefore who is responsible to the consumer. At Wiggy’s it is obvious, it is Wiggy.

The ripping off of consumers in the textile industry which is where I have my knowledge of business is not going to stop until the individual buyer the person with the money holds the retailers accountable. Retailers do not like people coming back to the store complaining and wanting replacement of total refund for merchandise that does not function as it is advertised to do. Of course the retailer will not ask the seller of the product for PROOF of the products ability to work or better yet get a sample and try it themselves.

The most glaring product happens to be boots with goretex or the like. I am sure not one company making boots has any interest in shelving their use of the bogus waterproof breathable materials regardless if it is goretex or any other brand so they are all geared up producing boots at this time for next winter. Let’s keep the cold foot syndrome going. Of course that will be good for Wiggy’s socks, over boots and mukluk sales for next winter. So far for this winter sales have been banner for all three products.

Now something to think about when you see what looks like a great deal on a Wiggy’s bag, it is not guaranteed when you buy it used. When you buy a Wiggy’s bag from Wiggy’s Inc. it comes with a life time guarantee. If you are a recipient of my newsletters chances are you have read comments from individuals who have used a bag for 15 to 25 years and returned them based upon the guarantee and received a new bag. So the price of a Wiggy’s bag amortized over the extended life of the bag is very small. The result of this thinking is obvious always buy a Wiggy’s bag from Wiggy’s Inc.

Between the government being on the businessman’s back and the number of charlatans out there we businessman get a bad reputation for wanting to do one thing and that is conduct a honest profitable business, but this is what we have to put up with. Honest businessmen do not rip off their customers because if they do it eventually will become public knowledge and they will go out of business, so they stay honest.

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