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The Ultimate Use Ground Pad

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Late last week I received call from two GSA contractors wanting to know about my ground pads to be used on cots. It seems that someone at FEMA saw them on the web site and directed these people to the web site and I was then contacted. The quantity required was 600 for an army base that was setting up what I would describe as a MASH unit. I believe this is happening nationwide.

I thought about it for a while because while I had used my pad for years when hunting in a 6-man wall tent on a cot at 12000 feet elevation it was great. However, every guy who came to hunt 3rd season which is November would bring a variety of pads and many the blowup versions and they would say be uncomfortable.

I thought about this for a while and decided that incorporating the Lamilite that I use for the sleeping bags with a special layer of foam would make a terrific cot pad. It can also be used on the ground.

Every foam ground pad that you blow up becomes ridged regardless if it is on the ground or a cot. The Lamilite will conform to you body as it does when you are in a Wiggy bag, this is very important when you put someone on a cot for a long period of time. The last thing you would want is for a sick person to be uncomfortable. Of course, if you are sleeping on a cot you wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable either.

The pads are made with one thickness of foam and two separate thicknesses of Lamilite. They are also made in one size (72" x 28"). Custom sizes can be made at a 30 percent up charge. They are made with either the L-6 Lamilite or the L-12 Lamilite. The bottom of the pad is a 200-denier oxford nylon and the top a 300 denier Cordora nylon.

When rolled up, the diameter of the L-6 pad is about 4 inches in diameter and the L-12 pad is about 6 inches in diameter.

The web straps that hold the pad when rolled up are also the straps used to anchor the pad to the cot at one end and then there are webbing cords to anchor it at the other end.

Of course, this pad further differs from what is otherwise on the market because if the pad gets any sort of puncture its performance capability does not change.

Now for pricing; the L-6 pad is $100.00, and the L-12 pad is $125.00. Custom sizes are available. There is a 30 percent upcharge for custom sizes based on size. Please call for pricing.

At this writing I do not know what will happen with the FEMA order but because of the need they have, it has given me the opportunity to develop a new product.


Shortly I will start making a face mask that will be completely washable. Go out and at the end of the day when you are home just wash it, so if you happen to encounter a person who is a carrier any germs that may attach to the mask you can wash away.

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