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the weather

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I was pleasantly surprised when you mentioned in your e-mails that Ducksback garments would continue to be available. The combination of a Ducksback shell and Lamilite insulation makes Wiggys garments far superior to anything else on the market. Keep up the good work!


Hello Jerry,

I just wanted to say Thanks for making great products like the sweater! I did get to test it out a little today and I'm pretty sure it is the best piece of outdoor outerwear that I've ever had and the color combo is fine too (the liner and vest I also purchased don't count). No question it’s better than anything the military issues or anything found in a ski shop etc....An arctic blast is coming this week so I'll really get to test it out!



Interesting photo! While I have never let any of my gear get that close to flame, I have seen the results of carelessness.

I thought my browser was having issues with the attachment last night.

Good to have visual verification of a product that has proven itself to me in daily use for years.

I mostly live and work out of doors and this season is off to a particularly interesting start!

I have actually been preparing my next order from your business. I am a tried and true believer in the quality and durability of the products you create.

As Always, looking forward to my next interaction with your business as I already know, the products will perform EXACTLY as described (if not better).




  1. Sleep Anywhere And Always Be Warm

    I regularly go camping in Baja, Mexico and in the western US (CA, NV, UT, CO, OR).
    I always like to sleep outside under the stars, and this bag has never let me down. From the beaches to the snowy mountains, I know that I will always be warm. I tested the sleeping bag in the snow last winter. I slept the entire night directly on the snow (no pad) in my underwear and wasn't cold all night.

    I highly recommend!

    – Paul N.

The weather is very favorable for Wiggy’s. I expect we will have a longer than what has been normal winters and it will be colder on average than what we have experienced in the past, although last winter was very cold as well.

As the jet stream moves further south it allows the cold air mass to move south. If it snows the land is covered with a white substance which reflects the radiant heat that comes from the sun back into space. If the snow wasn’t there the dark surface of the earth would absorb the radiant heat and warm the air. Since we are seeing snowfall as far south as Nashville, TN. Any sunshine over the area of the country that is white will not heat up. We are now looking at a sustained older temperature.

When you also take into consideration the fact that the days are getting shorter that also means even less sunshine and this aids in maintaining the sustained colder weather.

If there is more snow covering the earth as we move towards January that will mean more cold will be hanging around. The longer it lasts between now and January the longer the winter season will last.

The longer the winter season lasts the more people who have purchase the other guys flat batting heavily quilted jacket will realize they made a mistake and If I am lucky they will have a friend who owns a Wiggy’s parka who will tell them how warm they are and maybe I will be even luckier and they will make the investment in a Wiggy’s parka and then they too will be warm.

Think about the winter in Alaska or any other part of the world in the northern hemisphere that goes dark for 3 months, the cold just settles in and goes no place, it just stays there. The reason is a lack of sunshine and when the season starts changing even though there is 24 hours of sunlight a vast area of the northern hemisphere just stays cold as is evidenced by the amount of snow and ice that never melts away.

The Farmer’s Almanac I believe is correct about the winter we are starting to experience.

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