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Thermoregulation in science
Maintenance of a constant internal body temperature independent of the environmental temperature. Thermoregulation in humans is effected through metabolic activity and sweating.


Is it possible for a fabric to control independently the core (internal) temperature of the human body? NO!!!

Sweat happens. Whether you’re running a marathon in Death Valley, or skiing in Aspen, Coolcore fabrics wick moisture away from your body in every direction keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season it is.

Coolcore fabrics are engineered to distribute moisture quickly throughout the garment. This essentially eliminates any sweat spots that would normally appear. Since the moisture spreads throughout the garment, it will dry much faster keeping you cool and comfortable

As I understand the engineering that knitters are capable of which coolcore may very well be applying to their fabric is known as “Plated Knitting”. This is a knitting process that can put a cotton yarn on one side of a fabric and a polyester yarn on the other side. As I have learned it was developed about 25 years ago.

Coolcore, the global leader in chemical-free thermoregulating fabrics, today announced the launching of its new Natural Performance Fabric Collection. Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection combines cotton’s comfort with the performance and functionality of synthetic fabrics. Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection is chemical-free and does not wash out,while providing superior wicking, drying and cooling capabilities. The Natural Performance Fabric Collection will launch with select partners before being integrated into Coolcore’s complete collection of chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics.

By knitting the two yarns in this manner when a garment such as a T-shirt is manufactured the exterior side of the fabric is the cotton. The inside of the fabric would therefore be the polyester side that goes against your skin. This creates a contradiction. Polyester is a synthetic, a plastic and all synthetic fiber reacts quickly to temperature. Since skin surface temperature starts out at 91 degrees the polyester is 91 degrees. As your activity becomes more aggressive skin surface temperature increases and the moist vapor coming through pores is also above 91 degrees. Coolcore essentially is saying this moisture moves through the polyester yarns and when it reaches the cotton it condenses causing a cooling to take place. Coolcore also says the moisture will now be distributed more evenly in the cotton layer. This is true. But they are either intentionally or do not understand the polyester layer against the skin surface does not cool as it is controlled by the temperature of the skin and moisture coming out of the pores. This results in the skin surface temperature not decreasing very quickly and I believe causing additional; sweating. Hence the contradiction in performance!

If you are wearing a 100 percent cotton T-shirt you will actually be cooler in identical conditions. Cotton never reaches the same temperature as skin surface but it is always trying as it just continues to absorb heat never reaching an equilibrium. The cotton fabric will also absorb twice as much moisture and since the moisture is touching skin surface it is continually cooling the skin. When you stop the activity you will “cool down” much faster than if you are wearing a polyester or any other synthetic T-shirt.

As for their fabrics being chemically free, big deal, I am not aware of T-shirts having chemicals in them in the first place, so there is nothing there to wash out.

Global leader in thermoregulating fabrics, not hardly. When their fabric is used to replace the cotton worn by people living in the deserts of the middle east I might consider the designation, but until then cotton is still king.

“Our Natural Performance Fabric Collection utilizes our complete range of technology know-how that has made Coolcore the global leader in chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics,” said Kevin McCarthy, Coolcore’s President and CEO. “Based on market research, our team determined there was an opportunity to develop a true cotton rich performance fabric that did not degenerate with washing and that could out-perform synthetic fabrics in the area of wicking, drying and cooling consistently over a long period of time.”

Note that their market research determined that a truly cotton rich performance fabric could out-perform synthetic fabrics. They recognize the fact that cotton wicks moisture and cools. Therefore why mix the cotton with the polyester in the first place? Because in my opinion it gives them something to say about their “natural performance fabric collection”, otherwise they would not have anything to say.

Thermoregulation fabrics are in the exact same category as waterproof breathable (vapor permeable) fabrics. Neither exists!!!

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