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tour of the factory

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Five or so years ago I made my first video; A TOUR OF THE WIGGY’S FACTORY. While it has been viewed 6000 times since publication many people have called to ask where the Wiggy products are made. They do not know that the video exists since it is on the videos page.

So, I asked my web site guru to place it on the home page, which he has done so it is much easier to find.

While viewing it I realized there are some products that I no longer make, so the following are the corrections in order of appearance.

  • 1-The hook and loop closing air force bag has long been out of service, replaced by the outfit.
  • 2-My story of getting lost link is also on the home page.
  • 3-Along with the uses mentioned about the Antarctic parka included the oil industry in Alaska.
  • 4-Wiggy’s no longer sells backpacks.
  • 5-Wiggy’s no longer has any association with Belleville boot company or any other boot company.
  • 6-Wiggy’s no longer makes this quilted fire-retardant fabric garment because the knit fabric proved to be so tender it fell apart in laundering.

For those of you who have now seen the factory tour I hope that encourages you to go to the u tube channel to see the other videos that I have made.


Sir, I recently wrote that my girlfriend ordered a Super Light 0* bag for me, to replace an old bag that I bought second hand and used for years. That old bag had been burned, cut and patched up. Abused and obviously rode hard and put away wet and it still kept me warm. My grandson is using it now for backyard camping. He loves it. Anyway, thank you for your fast service and for making the best bag out there. I love my new Super Light and look forward to spending many comfortable nights in it. Thanks again. Bob Smith

Bob also published one on the web site so i have two from him                                                                           

Wiggy's 0* Super Light With Hood
  1. I absolutely love these bags, but what's not to love? They're over built, very comfortable and most important to me, warm at their advertised temperature rating.
    I've never needed to add extra clothing, blankets, etc to stay warm in my Super Light, as I've had to do with other bags. The zippers are beefy, to say the least. They've never malfunctioned on me, and Ive never had the bag material get caught in them. The hood works very well for me too, especially with the comfortable pillow inside. I've seen some complaints online about the weight and compressability of these bags, but I just don't see it. To my way of thinking, there's very little if any weight difference between wiggy's and other manufacturer's bags if I take into account the fact that I always seemed to need a bag rated for 20* colder to get to the desired temperature rating than I do with a Wiggy's bag. They pack down well in the included stuff sack, too. At least as well as the bags mentioned above rated to a lower temp rating. I could go on and on about Wiggy's bags. It took me years of trying different bags to find something I'm completely happy with and the Super Light is it. They're built like a tank and they're warm and comfortable. I highly recommend them. Bob Smith

  2. ALONE ---last night I took the time to view this program of people trying to stay alive for 100 days in the ARCTIC to get $500,000.00 or one million bucks. I wondered why people would abuse themselves to the point they were going to die. three who were taken back to reality did not want to leave even though they had no body fat and were now giving up muscle to stay alive. But as I learned from the medics who picked them up told them as gently as he could if they didn't leave they would die. I could not see what sleeping bags they were using. I have substantial knowledge of the winter temperatures you face in such conditions and I am very happy to say when i was lost in those conditions I was only out there for 3 days. i am appalled to see people so willing to abuse them selves as the do.

  3. anyway from my perspective they are nuts.


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