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two testimonials and more

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Dear Mr. Wigutow,

We talked on Saturday and I placed an order for a Super Light FTRSS for a friend.

The bags were to be Regular length/wide bag.

I can’t remember if we had talked about the zipper placement.

Please make both bags with a right handed zipper.

Please add appropriate stuff sacks and pillow(s) to the order.

Thanks again for your time, consideration and products.

I wanted to compliment your DUCKSBACK sweater.

It has replaced my name brand down garments for winter wear.

Unless welding or working with barbed-wire, it is the only winter jacket I use.

It warms quickly and keeps me dry, I could not ask for more in a winter coat.


David A.S.

I was having a conversation with one of my reads this past week about the two guys walking across Antarctica. Whether they succeed or not makes no difference to me because if either or both do succeed they will have possibly 15 minutes of fame and that is all. I pointed out that two people several years ago flew around the world non-stop and two people flew around the world in a hot air or helium balloon. So what, aviation has not benefitted from either event, and these events are never to the best of my knowledge ever discussed. He became testy and I think irritated by my response. His reaction was to insult my intelligence by telling me he had among the many Lamilite insulated products a primaloft insulated jacket that was 10 years old carrying the under armour label that was warmer than the Wiggy’s Lamilite sweater. With that remark I ended the conversation. Barry I trust you have already read the comment from David about the sweater. If the “ua” jacket were so good how come they do not make them today? As a matter of fact how come they don’t make any primaloft jackets? I’ll answer the question for you, because they are trash. Also “ua” as far as I have read is having their financial difficulties because they cannot compete with nike making copies of the nike products. But they are telling investors how great they are going to be by “2023”. They probably will not be around in 2023. Barry since you have been reading my articles for several years you must know that primaloft is a throwback to similar products I sold in 1961 but what I sold back then was better than the primaloft could ever be.

Merry Christmas, Wiggy!

It certainly is a Merry Christmas in my world after I opened my Wiggy's Mukluks that Santa Bride brought me!

Comfortable and warm!

The Mukluks are surprisingly light-weight. They look like they should weigh 6 or 7 pounds, but they are actually fairly weightless to walk around in.

I discovered that combining the Mukluks with a pair of Wiggy's Booties makes for a SUPER warm combination that remains extremely light on the foot.

These Mukluks could be thought of as therapeutic for the over-65 set, as reduced circulation in the lower legs and feet makes us notice the cold a lot more, even indoors, and this combination of mukluks and booties gets toasty in no time at all.

Again, another great product!

Happy New Year,

Scott W.


It is now winter and I am quite sure that all of you who are deployed into the field experience the same thing; COLD FEET!!!

This statement is reinforced by the recent article I published from the Stars and Stripes titled “Military Frostbite, Cold Weather Injuries Up With Little Explanation Why”.

The reason for cold feet starts with the wool socks issued to or bought by the individual soldiers. The wool absorbs the moisture coming out of the pores of the feet. Regardless what type of footwear i.e. boots worn over the socks the moisture stays in the socks. Water in any of its forms IS the greatest absorber of heat on the planet and as the cold air settles on the boots the cold absorbs the heat coming from the feet until the rate of absorption is greater that rate coming out of the foot, so you start experiencing cold toes etc. both the wool and the moisture in the wool are CONDUCTING the heat from your feet.

The second reason contributing and amplifying why you have cold feet has to do with the fact that boots issued to military personnel worldwide have a film that can be goretex or some other film either identical such as event of whatever that GUARANTEES 100 percent of the moisture coming out of the pores in your feet or any other part of your body will NOT get out of your footwear or rainwear. And you thought nothing could be GUARANTEED TO PERFORM AT 100 PERCENT, now you know it does happen.

Imagine according to the Stars and article the record of problems goes back to 1995. So it has taken 23 years to finally question why? Of course the mukluks have been in existence since 1992 I believe and if they in our military bought them the problem would have been severely reduced.

All of you military people and hunters you just have to accept that the moisture coming out of your feet is and always has been your nemesis, the cause of your discomfort because you have not done what is necessary to mitigate the negative effect of the moisture. Now that there are Lamilite socks you have available to you socks that DO NOT absorb and retain moisture. Also the materials that the socks are made from will absorb heat but do not pass the heat on. So the socks stay dry and your feet stay warm. The next positive item to wear ideally are Lamilite insulated boots, but the shoe contractor I used chose not to want to keep making boots for me because other companies they work for like red wing and timberland probably told them not to since I am and have been critical of the use of goretex and Thinsulate. The next best boots to get are all leather boots that do not contain any of these components. In this manner the moisture from your feet will migrate through the leather which DOES NOT HAPPEN with the boots that are lined with goretex; GUARANTEED TO KEEP THE MOISTURE IN THE BOOTS to keep your feet wet and cold.

Now for the reason that you are GUARANTEED to have warm feet!!! Depending upon temperature you wear the Lamilite insulated over boots; good to -25 degrees F or the mukluks good for temperatures of – 50 degrees F and colder so long as you are properly dressed for the environment you venture into.

Please note that I manufacture both of these products with flame retardant materials required by the oil industry and flight line workers in the military. Both of these professions require steel toed boots and the Lamilite neutralizes the steel toes as in keeping your feet warm.

Do not be swayed to buy pack boots that have felt inserts because felt inserts are or become sponges for ALL of your foot produced moisture. I have solicited the pack boot manufacturers to either buy Sunwalker’s from me or make their own with the Lamilite. All termed me down. When I visited Columbia Sportswear years ago and showed them the Sunwalker’s and the materials for manufacturing they looked me straight in the eye and said “if we cannot source the material in Asia we will not buy it and ship it from the U.S.A.” Therefore they will continue to do as they have since they acquired Sorrel, make pack boots that are GUARATEED to keep feet cold. The same holds true for the Canadian company Baffin. I met with the owner at a trade show in L.V. some years ago and he had no interest. Recently they were sold to Canada Goose, were they in trouble and wanted out; who knows. What I do know is that they make boots that do not perform any better than Sorrel’s or for that matter any pack boot from any company. If you want to improve pack boots that you currently own throw away the felt liners and replace them with the tall Sunwalker’s.

So to all of you military personnel you now know what you should get to keep your feet warm are; Lamilite socks and over boots or mukluks. Remember when you keep your feet warm that helps in keeping the rest of your body warm.

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