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I use Wiggy products when I go on my annual boat trip to Isle Royale and north coast of Lake superior.

Two conditions are guaranteed on the big lake, cold and wetness. Nothing like being warm in your sleeping bag at night when the wind waves and wolves are howling at night. A lot of outdoor products are built for looks, to look cool but do not perform, kind of like those shiny 4 wheel drive trucks that never go off of a paved road. Wiggy's stuff is built to go into wet, muddy cold conditions and work.

Ray S

Ray thank you very much!!!


One of my readers sent me links to four videos done by Gore talking about “nothing” and how they have created “nothing” and I could not agree with them more.

I found watching them to be extremely difficult so I never saw one to its end.

One dealt with the magnificence of Gore-Tex and how it doesn’t work and in one segment they show how it functions as an insulated garment, it was at this point that I turned it off. The other three dealt with camo patterns and how they have created the “best nothing” you can get.

During the first video they had interruptions where they would highlight some fact and it was with one of them I learned something quite incredible; Bill Gore in 2006 I believe was inducted into the “inventors’ hall of fame”. Why because he in their eyes created a “waterproof and breathable” material. I found that quite telling about the intelligence of the members of the inventors’ hall of fame. They have recognized an individual who invented nothing. They are a joke and have as far as I am concerned demonstrated that they have “rectal brains”. It is obvious to me that these members do not think, and I know this to be true because when you think about it the Gore-Tex material has NOT worked as Bill Gore claimed the day he created it and that was in the 1970’s. So giving credit to the non-existent tells me they at the hall do not think.

All of the “nothing” they are working on I guess is in their $15,000,000.00 laboratory where they discovered toes get colder before the rest of the foot.

Now if there is a hall of fame for charlatans he is surely a candidate. Actually he could be joined by every other person who has made the same non-functioning material and sold it ever since. All of the busts would be made of paper Mache.


Last week I received an email about the tariffs and called the guy and then a Canadian customer sent me the article he was referencing. Then I received a call from the Canadian TV network and they interviewed me via skype which is supposed to be on TV soon. They are going to send me the link, if so I’ll publish it. Mostly they were concerned with my work that went for naught with the public works agency that supplies sleeping bags to Canadian troops and why Canadian troops buy Wiggy’s direct out of their own pocket versus the tariffs subject. I thought this is great, free advertising throughout Canada on the largest TV network in the country; CTV.

On Wednesday past I received a call from HBO office in Washington D.C. as they saw the Canadian article and did want to know about how the tariffs were going to affect Wiggy’s. During the conversation they asked if they could film a segment for the news program. I do not have HBO so I did not know they did news. I said sure and they may come to Grand Junction. If they do I’ll publish when they intend to show the segment. Again free advertising if it happens only HBO is worldwide I guess so that will be good for Wiggy’s.

There are lots of reasons why it is beneficial to be a manufacturer in the USA and now there is one more as far as I am concerned.

As for the tariffs, all of the materials I purchase are domestically produced so no effect there and 99.? percent of my sales are to people who live in the USA so any person living in a country that does get affected by an increase in taxes for USA made products will just have to bite the bullet. If they want the very best they will just have to pay their government to allow them to buy my products. Some may forgo the purchase, so they lose and Wiggy’s loses, but that’s life.


"The criteria for induction into NIHF requires candidates to hold a U.S. patent that has contributed significantly to the nation's welfare, and the advancement of science and the useful arts".. Reprinted from the NIHF web site.

Bill Gore has a patent, however being issued a patent does not mean the product that the patent was issued for actually works as stated by the person applying for the patent and the patent examiner is not required to get verifiable proof of performance. The nation's welfare has received nothing other than taxes from employees of the company and taxes from the company if it is profitable. Beyond that the population of the country purchasing products made from Gore-Tex have wasted their money on finished products that never have performed as the Gore Company has advertised their materials to perform, so has the populous of the country benefited, NO. Science was not advanced unless you consider that science now knows that a single material termed waterproof and breathable does not exist!!!

How do they feel about the contribution that this bogus product has cost us tax payers over the years by having rainwear that kept rain out and moisture in and if cold enough the moisture became frost on the inside of the garment. Then there have been boots with this bogus product in them issued to soldiers only to find they have cold and wet feet and in many cases developed foot sores and infections that tax dollars were spent to heal them. Is this what is meant by contributing to the nations welfare?

The NIHF should pay greater attention to what some CLAIM about the product they get a patent for.

What a terrible joke has been perpetrated upon the general public!!!

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