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From The 80s ?

I've had the bibs since from the 80s, I think. not really sure
but I am sure they still work. we’re having our latest winter
storm here in eastern Oklahoma minus 4 with wind chill minus 25 F and 8 inches of snow and combined with the Antarctic parka I have minimal concern. When I go outside, I can’t feel the cold, I mean really. Everywhere I go I hear I'm cold but not so for me and then i have to remember what this kind of weather felt like before I bought them decades
ago. Invest in these and you can rest assured you'll be warm no matter where you go even if the power goes out like it is doing in Texas as I write this.

– Mike Livingston

Mike has been a customer from almost since day one. I am glad he has the weather to finally utilize his bib how- ever he has worn when cold days appear in Stillwell OK. I know he has worn the Antarctic parka.

Just a quick note about your products. Eastern Nebraska has gotten its share of snow this Winter. Recently, I was out removing the night's new several inches in single digit temps with wind chill at -15. I was wearing your insulated headgear, mittens, liner jacket, Lamilite sweater (in DucksBack, though there was no rain at that temperature), and your lined boots. If I were smart, I'd have had the leg jackets on too. Shoveled my drive and my walks along with the neighbors'. I was taught as a youngster to be certain to vent my jacket rather than build up a sweat when working outdoors in the cold. Contrary to training, my liner and sweater were fully zipped. I got into the house and pulled off the Wiggy's outerwear to find no sweat at all. You've talked about other companies selling their "No Sleep Sleeping Bags" and how those are a bad investment. I'm telling you that Wiggy� 39;s sells a 'No Sweat Sweater' and by that, I mean you make great products. Comfy and warm with no sweat build up. Now if you could just come out with a product that makes snow weightless.

Steve P.

Steve thank you for pointing out how well the moist vapor moved out of the Lamilite outerwear items. The key to the success is that the Lamilite allows that to happen.

I purchased my first Wiggy's bag not too long ago and used it for the first time recently. It was ~20 degrees and windy with sleet falling most of the day and some of the night. I stayed warm, dry, and very comfortable in my Hunter Super Light rectangle bag.

Thanks for any help on this and thank you for making an outstanding sleeping bag!


James thank you for your experience of using a 0 degree bag as low as -20 degrees. I do under rate the bags so you are getting, a comfortable night’s sleep may not apply to every-one who uses the bag at that temperature.

I have for many years known that my bags are conservatively rated and over the years many have written to me telling me their experience using their bag in temperatures lower than the rating. This happens to be the first person to use his bag a 0 degree rated hunter superlight at a low temperature of -20 degrees. what is notable is the fact that he was [is] using a rectangular bag at that temperature.

This should make it obvious that the temperature rating for a mummy shape bag and an equally rated rectangular shaped bag are equal. I have on many occasions answered people who have enquired if rectangular shaped bags are less efficient. Why do they ask; because people with other companies that make the “no sleep sleeping bags” tell them you have more space to heat up. The problem these other companies live with are the fact that the “no sleep sleeping bags” they sell don’t keep you warm in their mummy shaped bags so their rectangular “no sleep sleeping bags” are equally not going to allow you to sleep.

There is a problem that USA consumers have when it comes to making a purchase of what they believe to be a sleeping bag at any retail store in the country, and that is the temperature rating published in the hang tags on the item. It is fictitious. Why fictitious because the fiberfill inside the bag, you know the stuff between the shell and lining material is the least expensive chopped staple fiberfill made in the world. It has no density to it, it has no resilience, and it is structurally unstable. It is fiber made China and who knows what chemicals they use that could leach out as a fume; I think this has to be considered these days as we have been learning about the fumes leaching out in firefighter gear.

Years ago, I wrote about the companies having shirts made in China such as Ralph Loren whose shirts I bought were made with lighter weight fabric suddenly. Well. these companies may very well add what we called “sizing” to the fabric to bulk it up. Who knows what chemicals are used to make the sizing? Could be it is not good for us. Once again you have to be careful about exposure to chemicals.

Back to the imported “no sleep sleeping bags” from what many customers have told me when asked at rei if the bags have fire retardant chemicals in them, the answer is always yes. That should be all you need to know because these same bags are available in retail stores all over the country. If the tents they sell are fire retardant treated they do the same with their bag

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