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What a Customer Says

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What Our Customers are Saying...

Absolute Wiggys!

Based not on prevailing conditions, not on the forecast, but having studied the historical weather record, for where you are/going, with the understanding that what has happened before, within the season, can and likely will happen again, or worse, records are made to be broken. Beware spring, fall, and mountains.

Based on the above, Clothing as totally independent shelter. (Wiggys)
Never less than a 0-degree Wiggys bag, his pad if you can, or at least a really good pad, and shelter. There is absolutely no excuse for not carrying premade shelter, tarp/bivy, or preferably a Hilleberg Black label tent, even a one-person version.

But the point of all of this is to put forth a caveat, hypothermia can occur any time of year. Cold weather suppresses our thirst, so we need to force ourselves to drink. We spend more calories staying warm in winter, so caloric intake should surpass need. Dehydration and lack of caloric intake makes us more susceptible to hypothermia. The best insulators (Wiggys) are so efficient, that they decrease the amount of calories the body expends on maintaining 98.6, but we need to maintain hydration and it's the food that we eat, that provides the calories that the body uses to create the heat that Lamilite contains. No hydration, no food, no heat, dead.

– James Huffaker

James Huffaker is a paramedic outside of NYC. He has sent to me several informative comments based upon his experience and the one you have just read is the latest. He has seen numerous cases pertaining to patients affected by cold weather, they have become hypothermic. He also is subject to learning why they have become hypothermic. His advice is always welcome.

I recently read an article about the use of milkweed for insulation. The person looking into using it is the owner of nemo. Why is he doing this, because the chopped staple polyester fiber that is used in his no sleep sleeping bags are made in Asia, probably China that do not work. If he took the time to learn about insulation’s he would learn that continuous filament fiberfill; Climashield is the best you can get. But once learned he would have to figure out the best way to use it. Once he learns that he would have to either open a factory in the USA since the Climashield is only made in the USA or ship it to the factory that makes his no sleep sleeping bags now and personally go there to show them how to use it.

He is not going to any of what I think he should do but work with the milkweed which is a fool’s errand.

I know one thing about the no sleep sleeping bags he sells is how poorly they perform once the temperatures go below 50 degrees F. How do I know this; so many who have purchased Wiggy’s bags and they tell us that the Wiggy’s bags are replacing the nemo no sleep sleeping bags. but nemo shouldn’t feel singled out since we are constantly replacing no sleep sleeping bags from all the other companies that make no sleep sleeping bag.


Yesterday I was with Kok in one of our warehouses and saw a pallet with coated ACU or army camo that I purchased at a very good price. The material is all first quality made in USA originally for the army.

These BIVY BQ’s are now available for $75.00 each. They originally sold for $125.00.

There are times I go into the warehouse and discover fabrics I had forgotten about that I purchased at a good price. When I see them and check the pricing, I pass the savings on to my customers who might be looking for one of these products. So, if you are in need of a bivy now is your opportunity to save on one. They are available for mummy and rectangular models.

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