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what is becoming a common comment about lamilite

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December 27, 2020


This is a follow-up to my letter of September 13th. I’ve since added the Insulated Head Cover, Super Mittens, and Liner Jacket.

The 2020 deer season, my 56th, is now complete.

It makes me sick to think of how much money I wasted over the years on hunting gear that didn’t work. Coarse wool, fine wool, goose down, and fleece. Boots with liners like sponges. With all of it, you end up wet from the inside out, and probably from the outside in as well. You feel chilled, then cold, and you stay that way for the rest of the day. Hiking into the woods your skin becomes damp, maybe wet – any promise of comfort is broken before your day really begins.

This year, as I have for the past fifteen or so, I hunted from tree stands, and for the first time outfitted in Wiggy’s clothing and footwear. The only non-Wiggy’s apparel was a light 100% nylon shirt and pants worn between the Fishnets and Lamilite garments.

In September I mentioned my feet. They’re always cold, even on the hottest summer day. Early season I wore unlined leather boots with Lamilite socks, but soon changed to unlined pac boots with Sunwalkers. It didn’t take long to realize the boots needed to be eliminated altogether. Cowhide can’t vent vapor as fast as Lamilite. For nearly the entire 3-month season I wore no regular boots, but rather Mukluks with Lamilite socks and Sunwalkers.

Read all you want, there certainly are many glowing testimonials for Wiggy’s products, but until you actually experience the Lamilite difference you can’t appreciate the enormous gulf in performance between traditional gear and Wiggy’s.

I remained warm and dry in conditions that would’ve previously kept me indoors or forced me home early. I hunted 11-hour days unaffected by rain and wind. Quite frankly, I sat in that stand on days where no sane deer would be out and about – but I did it because I was curious to see how far I could push Wiggy’s gear. And it was fun to be warm! You see more wildlife when you can sit without shivering and fidgeting. The coldest days never rose above 10° F and I was still comfortable. I don’t yet know what the low temperature limit will be for the L-12 Fossil Ridge system.

There is, however, one thing of which I’m absolutely certain:

Lamilite is the single greatest innovation in the history of cold weather gear. Period. No contest.

All hail Wiggy!


Pete Clark

Over the years I have made my products I have received numerous testimonials that altogether would give comments such as Pete’s, but his report is as complete in one testimonial that incorporates many of the comments he has here. However, Pete’s testimonial has it all and then some.

Recently, and I mean recently we have been selling more and more over boots and mukluks than ever before and the sales have been to hunters whether in tree stands or on the ground use. I also believe non hunters have also become customers for over boots and mukluks too.

I was recently told the army may or is or has given outdoor research an order for about 2300 pair of their version of a mukluk. What ever they are possibly buying is a waste of money, but that is not new to the military. They always forget about the soldier, oh well.


On the home page is a subject about why waterproof breathable does not work. What I have done is to add to the article all of the articles I have written about goretex since 1997.

There is one article in particular that I found very informative about gore selling a water repellent treatment when the rain garment stared to wet out. It is an admission that their product when used in a rain garment is not waterproof as well as breathable. I do not know if they are still selling the stuff.

And finally is anyone out there interested in initiating a class action law suit against gore?

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