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what to do in a storm

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So thankful for my Ultra - light sleeping bag. Saved the day when power went out. Nothing worse than dark........but COLD and dark is another story. You make an excellent product!

Joan Hadro

Joan thank you for the note of confidence in one of our products. In the past few days, we have received orders from Texan’s for sleeping bags and they note it is because of the storm.


Hi Jerry,

Just wanted to share a story about your Overboots. I have owned a pair for a bunch of years but until a week ago I had never had occasion to wear them. I am not a stand hunter, but I bought the Overboots to keep in my car in the winter for emergencies. I travel a lot in rural areas and my thought was to have the Overboots in case of a wreck or breakdown. In which case I can wear them over my street shoes while sorting out the situation.

I am in PA and for the last two weeks we have had more snow/sleet than we had all last winter. Unfortunately, the cold and snow occurred just at the time I had a scheduled foot surgery. After the surgery, the Dr. told me to wear one of those open-toed plastic surgical boots over the bandages for several weeks until the stitches come out. Because of the snow and slush I was trying to figure out how to keep my foot dry in that open-toed surgical boot. It then dawned on me I had the Overboots in the trunk. Since then, I have been wearing the Overboots over the surgical boot whenever I have to be outside. It is worked perfectly, and I have had no problem keeping my foot warm and dry while shoveling snow and so forth. You might want to consider promoting the Overboots for post-operative wear and it might get you sales from a new group of customers. Cheers, John

John’s experience does not surprise me. Over the years I have received many accounts of people using Wiggy’s products in medical emergency situations when nothing else was available to keep some one warm. That of course led to the making of our hypothermia bag.

John using the over boots as he has is a first for me to know about. I have sold many of the booties for the same basic purpose to keep feet warm, however, it has always been for use indoors for people who are diabetic or who have other reasons for cold feet.

I have said before and I am now saying it again; “continuous filament fiber and now the latest version trade named Climashield is far and away the finest insulating medium ever made” and that is why I use it to make Lamilite.

The specific quality that I use is a hollow fiber and it’s important to know that. With in these hollow fibers is “air” and of course it never gets out. When you wear a Wiggy parka or sleep in a Wiggy sleeping bag your body heat heats those fibers and consequently the “air” in the fibers heats and it goes nowhere. So, the insulation does a better job of keeping your heat in the garment or sleeping bag so you stay warmer.

Again, as I have said I have seen every product made since 1965 and almost all have gone by the wayside except continuous filament, it has been improved. The reason most have gone by the wayside is simply because they have never worked. In some instances, the company making the product is huge like 3-m they will continue to make their product even though it doesn’t work. At one time 3-m made a product called light-loft, actually they did not make it as they do Thinsulate, they contracted with a garneter who makes polyester battings which lite-loft was. So, when it was no longer being ordered they stopped having it made.

Then we saw the down industry start to coat down with a dwr and after a few years it died on the vine. And recently one processor added gold to their down. I doubt they will make a dent in the down sales market. Of course, the lone holdout is primaloft with their variety of names for the same product. The stark reality is that regardless how much these people try they are fighting a fruitless battle against continuous filament fiber specifically Climashield. During the next 100 years companies will conjure up new formulas for a new insulating material only to fall short of the mark while continuous filament namely Climashield will continue to keep people all over the world nice and warm in the coldest conditions on earth. I do hope that Lamilite and Wiggy’s continue to exist along side of them.

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