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I want to send you a huge thank you for keeping me warm and certainly more comfortable than the people who have been around me for at least thirty years.

I've spent countless warm and enjoyable sleeps in my Wiggy's sleeping bag, and many productive days while working in less than ideal conditions while dressed in your products.

From warm feet to warm and dry body your products are awesome.

There must be 30 pieces of Wiggy's gear in my Wiggy's closet they have all lived up to their respective functions without one stitch, zipper, fabric, or design malfunction. After been well used and sometimes on the verge of being abused everything still looks and performs as new.

I want to wish you family and staff all the best the holiday season has to offer.
Kindest regards

It really never does get old getting letters such as this from my customers.


I am planning the filming sometime this week.

When I learned about the various constructions and resin to fiber blends in the 1960’s when I started working in the textile industry I was able to guide the manufacturers with the best fiberfill insulations to use for their outerwear garments. For some it was quilted batting and for most of the skiwear manufacturers it was what was referred to as “self-supported batting”. The results of my efforts were that I became the largest supplier of insulations to the skiwear industry in the country. Keep in mind that the men I was dealing with had been in business for many years before I entered the business and for the most part were of my father’s age group. They embraced new developments that actually worked.

In the late 1960’s the outdoor industry developed with my generation and I had at this point developed the use of the continuous filament fiberfill trade named Polar Guard as a laminated product. The old timers were going by the wayside and the new generation, mine chose to close their minds to using the Polar Guard as I suggested but instead they quilted it which as I have explained is detrimental to its performance capability. I was soundly rejected by literally every one of the companies that existed at the time. The only thing I could do if I wanted to sell my insulation product was to become the end item producer. Wiggy’s was born basically while I was languishing on my boat in the Bahamas.

What I will be showing in this video is how poor a product chopped staple fiber is regardless of the trade name it carries, such as Primaloft, Thinsulate, Thermore, Heatseeker (from the Northface) or Thermo Balls, Lamina (from Mountain Hardwear which they tried copying me with continuous filament fiber but was such a bad product they changed to chopped staple fiber. They just didn’t know how to use it even though I was ready to show them. Obviously they knew better than me so it failed.), or the Omni-heat from Columbia Sportswear and the biggest joke of all that I will present in the video is a garment from Under Armour. they call their chopped polyester fiberfill "coldgear reactor". when I looks ta their hangtag which I will show in the video, I could not find the word polyester written in English any place on the tag or the garment. they do claim that the insulation or garment "adapts to any cold". they further claim on the hangtag "coldgear fabric does the impossible by keeping you warm without weighing you down". actually it does not do the impossible, it does not keep you warm if the temperature is lower than 45 degrees F.  In all cases these companies are using chopped staple polyester fiberfill.

I will be demonstrating how weak the fiber structure is and why it must be quilted to keep it together and why the quilt pattern has to be so small. You will see what happens when these garments get laundered as well. You of course know that heat retention is completely dependent on the loft of the insulation and it should be devoid of any unnecessary quilting since the stitches each and every stitch is a cold spot. It should be obvious to the seller of the fiber as well as the manufacturer of the garments. But as you can clearly see, they, the fiber seller and the garment seller have in their heads air as I showed on the video of my laboratory. So the end product from these garment sellers doesn’t perform at all except in Key West, Florida in July.

Do you think any of them is interested in going to Wiggy University? Probably not since I do not stress marketing, but honesty in presenting my products and all they want to do is market their products regardless of ability to function as they describe in their marketing literature.


The BIVI BQ cost is $150.00


The SINGLE PERSON BIVI SHELTER cost without the layer of Lamilite is $230.00

They are not yet on the web site so if you want to order one of these bivi’s you will have to call.

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