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expensive polyester sleeping bags made in america
Caribou MF Mummy (box stitched) 35° F / 2° C 1 lb 5 oz / 595 g
Alder MF Semi Rec 25° F / -4° C 1 lb 15 oz / 880 g
Sycamore MF Semi Rec 25° F / -4° C 2 lb / 905 g
Ponderosa MF Semi Rec 15° F / -9° C 2 lb 11 oz / 1220 g
Apache MF Mummy (w/ full collar) 15° F / -9° C 2 lb / 905 g
Badger MF Mummy (w/ full collar) 15° F / -10° C 2 lb 6 oz / 1075 g
Antelope MF Mummy (w/ full collar) 5° F / -15° C 2 lb 7 oz / 1105 g
Sequoia MF Semi Rec (w/ full collar) 5° F / -15° C 3 lb 4 oz / 1475 g
Kodiak MF Mummy (w/ full collar) 0° F / -18° C 2 lb 15 oz / 1330 g
Lynx MF Mummy (w/ full collar) -10° F / -23° C 3 lb 2 oz / 1415 g
Bristlecone MF Semi Rec (w/ full collar) -10° F / -23° C 3 lb 15 oz / 1785 g
Puma MF Mummy (w/ full collar) -25° F / -32° C 3 lb 7 oz / 1560 g

I have written about sleeping bags with respect to flammability for several years having done the research due to so many parents wanting to make sure they had a sleeping bag for their children that was not treated with flame retardant chemicals.

Along the way I became aware of the difference between nylon fabric and polyester fabric most of the companies today that get their so called sleeping bags made in Asia. All of these companies have gone to polyester shell and lining fabrics. Why [?] because it is much cheaper than nylon.

In addition, I learned that the polyester fabric is combustible and nylon is not. Every race car driver, fighter pilot as well as the rest of the air force pilots wear nomex first layer underwear. Nomex is a high melt nylon meaning that it can take a high temperature. I made nomex parkas and bibs for the oil companies in Alaska and still make some garments today for consumer sales. The lightweight nylon I use in just a lighter version.

I clearly demonstrated in a video on my web site a down bag with polyester shell that I set fire too I needed my partner to extinguish with a fire extinguisher. The primary problem was how quickly the flame moved through the down. In that same video I showed putting a blow torch to my bags and it is obvious the material would melt and when the blow torch was turned off melting stopped. I even put my hand on the place I was burning to show there was no further heat. The material did not ignite and flame.

I reflect back on all the years that I have been associated with companies that manufactured sleeping bags in the USA none of them ever did any research into how to make a sleeping bag, my statement holds true today.

All they work in to is cosmetics and language to sway somebody to buy their product. This company in their literature speaks about their “microlite fabric with the perfect balance of breathability, water resistance and durability for outstanding performance.” There is more nonsense but I would rather not repeat it.

In addition, I can’t imagine how they can offer a line of bags whose temperature capabilities are so close together. This is also expressed with the rest of their line of bags.

I am of the opinion there is and has been a lack of concern about sleeping bags in the outdoor industry for the past 50 years that I have been involve with the outdoor industry. If there was a concern the industry would have moved into laminated continuous filament fiber when it was first introduced. Down would have been sent to the trash heap long ago. But the powers to be at all of the firms that existed had no interest in educating them selves so they continue to offer through companies like rei trash bags.

They have been good to me by allowing me to build Wiggy’s into the largest sleeping bag manufacturer in the world which is not that hard when you are the only one.

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