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you never know who is going to surface with excellent information

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But first a wonderful testimonial because it is from a girl who was told not to do what she did. I told her that I was told not to sail to the Bahamas years ago, but I did. We are both better off from doing what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it versus putting it off till another time which may not have happened.

Good morning,

I bought your sleeping bag when I took a trek across by bicycle and finished with riding horses. I was 18 years old. The salesman told me to call you and I did sheepishly. You were so nice and encouraging when EVERYONE ELSE was warning me not to do it. I went from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains on the best adventure I have EVER had. I went about 2600 miles thru parts of Canada. One of the reasons I didn't have misery is the quality of your sleeping bag which was more than the quality of the bike I used. I brag about it in my book and would love your permission to mention you by name. I couldn't recommend your bag more highly.

Thank you so much,


The following email has brought to me information and a writer I had no knowledge of.

I am reading Horace Kephart's Camping and Woodcraft (1917) and found three things that made me think of Wiggy's.

1. In the early 1900s there was a fabric called Duxback that reported to be "breathable and water proof". I guess it wasn’t or it would have been around since inception.

2. This passage about sleeping bags: "The vapor from one's body must have an outlet, or a man may chill, to say nothing of other unpleasant consequences." Wiggy’s bags have demonstrated this attribute since their inception.

3. This passage about waterproofed shoes: "The army board decided against using any waterproof compound on shoe leather, because waterproofed shoes steam the feet in perspiration, congest them and make them tender, if worn for any considerable time, especially in warm weather." To follow is the entire paragraph from the book.

They knew what you've been talking about 100 years ago. Oh how times have changed!


Remarkable how information rises to the surface, thank you very much; Wiggy

Horace Sowers Kephart (September 8, 1862 – April 2, 1931) was an American travel writer and librarian, best known as the author of Our Southern Highlanders about his life in the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and the classic outdoors guide Camping and Woodcraft.

Until this moment I had never heard of this fellow, so I will get a copy of his book as he seems quite bright and probably has other information in his book that would be very helpful to campers today.

The complete paragraph is as follows; “WATERPROOF SHOES--- The army board (this group is not explained further) derided positively against using any waterproofing compound on shoes leather, because waterproofed shoes steam the feet in perspiration, congest them, and make them tender, if worn for any considerable time, especially in warm weather.

However, it is one thing to march on ordinary roads and another thing to follow wilderness trails or go where there are none at all. And sportsmen often are out in cold slush or wet snow. It is true that no harm comes from wet feet so long as one keeps moving; but if a man has much standing around to do with his feet cold and wet he will suffer discomfort and quite likely catch a cold.”

So we have come 100 years after the army board “derided the use of waterproofing compounds” only to glue a film in their issue boots. Is it any wonder why the Marine Corp did a study to find out how to dry boots in the field? Is it any wonder why so many civilians who go into the field and have wet cold feet? Is it any wonder why so many experience foot sores of all types due to wearing foot wear that traps and keeps water in their footwear?

How much factual information has to be presented to the general public demonstrating without question that the addition of materials such as goretex have to be eliminated from all footwear because goretex is a prime example of a material that DOES NOT allow the moisture that comes out of the feet to get out of the footwear.

Maybe someday companies like wolverine world wide will wake up and see the light of day and understand that so long as they use goretex and materials like goretex they will be selling a great big lie. These materials DO NOT to use their word BREATH!!! This is something EVERY footwear manufacturer must do as well terminate the use of all materials that are sold as waterproof and breathable because these materials do not exist in our world, maybe on Mars, but not on the planet Earth.

The answer to the footwear problem has been solved when you own a pair of Wiggy’s Lamilite insulated boots with Lamilite socks. For years regardless of the company that has made boot for me they have NOT retained moisture and the addition in the past 4 years of availability of the Lamilite socks has made the footwear even better.

I did not know how well my boots would perform initially other than being better insulated. But the reality that they have always allowed the moisture out of the boot only showed itself with time and after 15 or so years it is undeniable.

Occasionally I have solicited a boot company now and then to sell them Lamilite only to be rejected, so much for leading the horse to water.

You should also stay away from the Rocky goretex socks and the Bridgedale urethane laminated socks, unless of course you want feet with sores.

As far as I am concerned at this time in the history of the textile business it has become obvious that large multinational companies such as www have no interest in offering to the consumer products that actually work, perform as they advertise. Why is this so, they look at the bottom line and they do not believe they can make the profits with products that work and last. It is endemic in the industry. As for footwear these companies and I mean all make their footwear with molded soles so when the sole wears away you throw the footwear away and that has helped to close shoe repair shops all over the country. There is but one in Grand Junction and when he closes there will be none. Thank you shoe manufacturers!!!!

As I finish this article I am reminded of the program “making the impossible possible” and the fact that the look to the past for knowledge of how things were done years ago. Well if we look to the past with respect to waterproof and breathable materials we find that historically I hasn’t been done, so making the” impossible possible is still impossible” when it comes to waterproof and breathable materials!!!!  

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