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January 13, 2003
Re: Super Light Sleeping Bag

Dear Wiggy
This brief note is written both to express my gratitude to you and to affirm what you already know: you make a truly superior bag.

As an ex-Marine, enthusiastic all-season hiker and “car camper,” I have some expertise in sleeping bags, though that expertise is largely limited as to how to put them in the trash without taking up the whole can. After speaking with you on the phone and reading about your work with the Marines (you know once a Marine…) I decided to buy a Super Light, thought at the time I wasn’t as candid about my use of it as I might have been. I knew that I was about to begin a series of operations to repair extensive damage that had resulted from massive trauma. From past experience, I know that after such surgeries something seems to go haywire with my body’s own internal “thermostat,” and I tend to get hot and then cold then hot and that I have to provide externally what my body seems unable to do during that time. As I now live alone, it is no longer possible for me to call out to ask for extra blankets or bags of ice or whatever, and, as this is a very serious circumstance for me, of course I tried your bag in advance of the surgeries and it did, indeed, perform as you had said that it would. It also allowed me to maintain a reasonably stable body temperature during post-op periods, as needed, aided in no small part by the flawless zipper and well-fitting hood and what is without question the best “foot box” ever put on a sleeping bag. My recuperation is now far enough along that I have dragged the bag outside and used it in the car on nights when it has been in single digit temperatures. I have washed it in a regular washing machine and in every respect the bag is superior to any bag I have ever before used, far surpassing you rather understated reports about it. Truly, I am grateful to you both for the bag and for reminding me that American products can be the best. You may be sure that I will be in touch looking for other products, but, in the meantime, if this note would be of any value to your customers in deciding about your bags, feel free to use it in any way. I realize that my tale is not as dramatic as many you have received, but you have changed my outlook about sleeping bags entirely as I know now that there is a bag that I can count on to work in difficult and disparate conditions and, frankly, it is something I had pretty much given up on finding.

Thank you again. Keep up the good work!

Your newly devoted customer,

James Colbert

Jim to my friends ---and to you!

".....anyone who fights for the future,
lives in it today."

---Ayn Rand, The Romantic Manifesto

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