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The Best Fire Retardant Insulated Underwear in the World

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As the owner of Wiggy’s I pride myself on not copying any other product on the market unless I can make it better. My sleeping bags are second to no other sleeping bag that has ever been made since day one of sleeping bag manufacturing; about 1895 in Finland. I pride myself on the fact that my clothing; parkas, bibs, mitten, footwear are the most efficient at keeping you warm. Now I have developed flame retardant insulated underwear for people who need the protection from fire, gas or electrical explosion. For the past eight years I have been selling light weight long underwear made by Wickers that is made of flame retardant merino wool 50 percent and viscose (rayon) 50 percent. The merino wool which is grown in America is shipped to an Austrian company; Lenzing who are the world leader in manufacturing fire retardant materials. The fire retardant chemicals, used in the making of the fire retardant rayon is; non-toxic and permanent. The fibers will not melt and stick to the skin because it is a natural raw material. They take this fiber and combine it with the merino wool into a yarn. The yarn is then shipped to America where it is knitted into fabric. Additional characteristics include; free of static electricity, will not accept or retain body odors, the protective substance cannot be removed by either washing or abrasion. The more it is washed the more comfortable it gets, and it can be laundered as many times as it is worn. This material protects the skin from heat like no other flame retardant high performance fiber known of at this time. What I have done is quilt two layers of this knit to a third layer of a 50/50 percent wool viscose (rayon) batting to make a truly insulated long underwear. I am also making an insulated 13 inch sock from this same material. Since this material will absorb the moisture from your skin surface and via wicking send it away from your skin surface you enhance the flame retardancy of the material. The moisture that gets into the material further reduces burning. In my research every other flame retardant product I have seen contains either 100 percent synthetic of a percentage of synthetic fiber. All of them with enough heat will start to melt. All of them do not have wicking action which takes the moisture away from the surface of the skin, however there are companies that claim that their synthetic will wick, that is a factually false statement. When the material was tested according to the ASTM D 6413 – Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles 10 times it showed 0 after flame burning and 0 afterglow and NO dripping. It does char but as soon as you take the flame away from the fabric you can touch where it was exposed to the flame. Do not try that with any of the synthetics as you will burn yourself. I am starting to make sample garments and expect to have product available early this winter. I will notify all when they will be available for purchase as soon as possible. They will obviously appear on the web site. If you go to the web site and find that it is down, that has been a problem. We are working on building a new web site with modern computer language. Just e mial me and I will have my hosting service start it up again. Thanking you for you patience and cooperation.

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