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a new vaccine?

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Earlier today I was reading about when a vaccine would be available for everyone to get so the would be protected from this coronavirus and the time frame is out 18 months or possibly longer.

There seems to be all sorts of in fighting by the political people involved and the drug companies as well. This indicates to me that none of them involved at all levels are concerned about the population of the country, is this new?

From what I can see we will be in this sorry state of affairs for the next year. Some want to open the country at months end, others at the end or May and still others but July. And what form will it take?

The problem as I see it has to do with the drug companies not recognizing the best approach is to give everybody a drug that will kill the microbes that start in the throat as I published yesterday. In this manner people will be able to protect them selves because they will constantly take the drug regardless if any microbes get into their throat.

I know this method of selfcare is working because many, how many I do not know of my readers have communicated to me that this is exactly what they are doing based on the experience I have had for a bout 10 years of using oregano oil.

One friend in Warren, Ohio told me last night when she went into her local vitamin store’s they were out of oregano oil, so she ordered online. Is it possible all of the oregano buyers read my article, doubtful, but I strongly suspect they have done their own research?

I was in my local city market and bought all of their own shelf inventory of oregano oil in the liquid bottles and the gelatin capsules. Why because I expect I’ll be consuming them for the next year at the least.

I noted that almost all of the employees were not wearing a mask and told the checkout person my observation and that they should be. She told me as of Monday it is mandatory. I also said the shoppers should not be allowed in the store without a mask. City market is owned by Kroger so maybe it will be nationwide since Kroger is the largest food retailer in the country.

I have had enough dealings with the government to know that they create something and when it doesn’t work they never listen to some one who knows hoe to make it work; and I suggest this is a situation of that nature.

Sales of our masks are incredibly strong. We will start shipping by the end of this week. We have them cut and now I am awaiting the elastic that holds them around your ears. The orders have been unprecedented. Our production is 500 to 600 a week so all of the orders received as of Friday will ship by this Friday.

As I write this article several more orders have come in.

Stay safe and keep swallowing the oregano oil. 

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