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a testimonial that knocked me off of my feet.

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The following two emails were received yesterday. The first was from a Sgt. Based at Eielson AFB, Alaska. I trust he will be sharing his experience with the rest of the men he is serving with or at the least I hope so. I hope he also shares his experience with the jet jockey’s that fly out of Eielson. They sit in a cockpit stationary but their feet are still sweating and their issue wool socks just keep absorbing their moisture and contribute to cold feet.

Good Evening,

One word………. AMAZING!!!! My feet sweat easily so with these, they pull the sweat away and keep my feet dry and warm. Great product!

The second email letter was a complete surprise to me having read the opening heading.

You have received a new order message from Edward

Re: Boots received; problem noted

Good morning Wiggy. I regret to say there is a problem with the boots I ordered. It's on the same line as the sleeping bags and boots I ordered years ago. How dare you make such a perfect product? These boots are identical in fit and feel as all the other products I've purchased. I received my boots Friday and hurried to lace them up and try them on. I'll be darned if after about ten minutes or so they felt like old friends that I've worn for years! They are comfortable, very well made and, (even though here in upstate South Carolina our low last night was only 33), kept my feet warm as toast! I'm going hunting soon and I intend to wear them and if our Lamilite socks come in they'll make the trip also. Of course our Wiggy's sleeping bags will be packed first. My question is, "how dare you make such wonderful gear that is even better than you advertise?" How dare you tell the truth in your advertising? How dare you shine a big bright light on the scumbags that are ripping off everyone that purchases goretex crap? How dare you try your best to get our military services to stop endangering our Troops with faulty gear? How dare you point out that our tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet, (of course the person or persons flushing will take their cut first)! I don't care "how you dare" my Wife and I pray daily that you keep daring and pointing out the dangers to anyone believing that goretex or any other product breathes! Everything you have said about the products we have purchased has been proven to be the honest truth! In fact I dare to say that you always understate just how wonderful all of your products are! God Bless you Sir! Keep up the great work! As soon as we can we'll be back for more gear! Stay safe and always check six! Ed & Michele

Talk about being surprised, I was in spades. There is nothing more that I can say other than a BIG THANK YOU to Ed and Michele.

With respect to Ed and Michele’s comments about goretex, they are joining a long line of people who have made the same comments for years about goretex. But the companies that continue to offer products made with goretex still chose not to listen to what their customers are saying about the products. I do not believe for one minute that I am the only manufacturer who hears from the consumer about the fallacy of goretex or should I say lie.

The footwear industry simply refuses to accept and understand that they are making potentially dangerous footwear products. Imagine if a guy gets lost in the mountains as I did and he is wearing goretex and Thinsulate boots that he bought with the belief of having warm feet and soon finds out he has cold feet which if one is out long enough as I was 3 days, he is potentially going to die because he gets frozen feet and can’t walk. Of course I can’t leave out the fact that our subject is also wearing expensive merino wool socks that absorb moisture like a sponge. The footwear boot guys are just plain old DUMB, and they apparently hate their customers.


I’m very happy to hear that you are continuing to offer clothing in the Ducksback material. I refer people to you all the time. I own your Alaska Range Parka in Ducksback material and it is fabulous. I have never been wet in the rain or snow. Not that it matters a great deal, as your Lamilite keeps one warm even when wet. It is the finest rain wear I have ever owned and I’ve owned a lot in the last 74 years. Kudos to you. Ducksback is worth every penny. By the way I bought 3 of your sleeping bags for my family, the sweater, Antarctic Parka, socks, and boots. Happy with all of them. Keep up the good work!

Jim Parker

The support that I am getting for continuing to offer the Ducksback fabric garments has been overwhelming. This is also evidenced by the number of garments that I have been getting orders for Ducksback garments. Of course since I have discontinued the supplex garments you have no choice but the choice you do have is as good as it gets. So a BIG THANK YOU to Jim for his testimonial.

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