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after the down stuff is the most unbelievable of stories

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Re Down bags...…. Short story.... An EFN down bag nearly killed me once...…. sucked up some water and I will say no more.

Wiggy…...Wished you had a Canadian outlet....

Season’s greetings.... Gav B....Ontario Can.

Unfortunately I had to tell Gav I have tried to find a dealer in Canada who would sell Wiggy’s products and obviously I have had no success at all.

I think his reference to an EFN down bag might be a reference to the European temperature rating system. Regardless all who have used down bags experience the same thing of the down absorbing moisture which in the right circumstances could be life threatening as Gav found out.

Several months ago I received an order from the army for 125 of our insulated water bottle carriers. They were sent to Alaska for test and evaluation. It was so successful they came back and placed an order for almost 1000.

The insulated water bottle carrier is made to hold a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle. The stainless-steel water bottle I sell is also sized the same as a Nalgene 32-ounce water bottle.

My personal experience with one was to have water in my stainless-steel bottle kept in an insulated water bottle carrier when I was hunting. My hunting was 3rd season in the Fossil Ridge Wilderness at 12500 feet above Gunnison, CO. The normal temperatures were from the mid 20’s during the day to – 20 or lower at night. I kept the water bottle in the carrier in my day pack. After 3 days I had only drank about half of the water and I noticed that I had no ice in the bottle. I was not doing this as an experiment but it was an observation I made. I am also sure the fact that the water was moving as I rode my horse or when I was walking kept the water from freezing. However, during the night in the tent where the temperature was whatever the outside temperature was, obviously below 0.

Now some technical information about the insulated water bottle carrier.

The exterior fabric is a coated 600 denier nylon material.

The lining is a 70-denier nylon taffeta.

The insulation in the lid and in the bottom of the carrier is L-6 Lamilite.

The body of the carrier is L-12 Lamilite.

There is hook and loop that holds the lid down.

There is webbing with openings that have Alice clips so you can attach the carrier to your belt or whatever.

This product like all Wiggy products is completely launderable.

If you have a warm container of tea the carrier will keep it warm for who knows how long, I don’t but I know it will.

The price for this remarkably efficient product as all Wiggy products are is but $32.00.

Please know and understand if you order one or more, they will not be available until late January when we have completed the army order.


Once again, I give thanks to all of the boot manufacturers around the world who make or have made boots with goretex and thinsulate.

The number of socks, over boots and muk luks has been extremely active. I keep my supplier of vibram soles more active than they have ever been for them. I might very well be the largest customer for this product.

People know to wear the socks in place of regular socks and to wear the over boots over boots. But when it comes to the muk luks some think they can wear them with a sturdy boot in them. They think the Sunwalkers or some other liner can be used. Those products can’t be used in the muk luks only a stable piece of footwear like a boot of hiking boot.


When I think about some of the mistakes, I could have made eliminating the Ducksback fabric is one of them. Sales of garments made with the Ducksback fabric has been far better than I would have believed. The Urban Ducksback Antarctic Parka is becoming a huge success. Aside from being lighter and warmer than any down garment sold for winter use it is between ¼ to ½ the price, and can be laundered at home, no need to bring it to a dry cleaner where they douse it with those nasty chemicals.

There are many attributes to the Ducksback fabric over and above its ability to shed water as a duck does and its vapor permeability which gore never fulfilled but its softness and the fact that it just doesn’t hold a wrinkle. I have never seen a fabric in all of my years in the textile business not wrinkle. My raincoat has a built-in pocket which is how I store it in the pocket on the back of my seat in my truck. It lives there until I need it, which means very little rainy days in G.J. But when I do need it when I take it out of the pouch almost immediately no wrinkles.

So by virtue of default I have two fabric exclusives; Lamilite/ Climashield for sleeping bags and cold weather outerwear, although I am told some companies are making Climashield outerwear, which is great only they are not making outerwear comparable to mine since they use lighter weight fiber. And of course the Ducksback fabric that I assume can be bought by others but they don’t buy it. So I really have two exclusive components to work with when producing my products.


PrimaLoft and adidas Mark a New Era in Collaborative Partnership

adidas to introduce the first insulation products developed by PrimaLoft x Parley for the Oceans


DEC 19, 2019

PrimaLoft Inc. and adidas have committed to taking their long-standing collaboration to a new level. Moving forward, the two brands will join in the strategic development of high-performance, sustainably conscious products. A key focus in this new era of partnership will be the introduction of adidas apparel that features PrimaLoft® insulation made with Parley Ocean Plastic®.

Primaloft is incapable of making insulation with new polyester so now they are looking at old polyester that they will melt and make chips and extrude from plastic that has been floating in the ocean for a while.

"adidas is an innovative, global partner and we are excited to strengthen our established partnership," said PrimaLoft President and CEO Mike Joyce. "Both of our brands are pioneers in their fields and important drivers of innovation in the textile industry, especially when it comes to sustainability. We strongly believe that together we can push the boundaries of material science forward, while continuing to further our Relentlessly Responsible mission."

I do not know if adidas is an innovative company or not but I do know that when it comes to insulation primaloft is by no means an innovative company in the field of insulation. What they do sell to suckers is not sustainable to begin with. They use chopped staple fiber to make their fiberfill products which has a life expectancy of one season. And then it goes to the land fill.

PrimaLoft provides expertise in advanced material technologies, creating innovative products that elevate both performance and responsibility.

That paragraph or statement is nothing less than a joke!!!!!

"Through Adidas Outdoor’s collaboration with world-class brands such as PrimaLoft and Parley, we can serve the next generation of consumers with what they want and need: innovative and sustainable products which perform on the mountain and in the streets," says Tim Janaway, GM Adidas Outdoor.

Tim your statement is also a joke. Primaloft is by no means a “world-class brand and I have never heard of parley. You will never using primaloft have sustainable products that can perform on the mountain or the streets.

PrimaLoft recently announced a strategic partnership with environmental organization Parley for the Oceans. As the first insulation provider to partner with Parley, PrimaLoft will use plastic waste intercepted from remote islands, beaches and coastal communities to manufacture high-performance insulation products. This January at ISPO Munich (January 26-29) and Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show (January 29-31), adidas will introduce the first concept styles featuring PrimaLoft® insulation made from Parley Ocean Plastic®.

Primaloft will use plastic waste to create more plastic waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“A collective collaboration between PrimaLoft, Parley and adidas is a win for each brand, as well as the environment,” said Joyce. “We all share the common goal of reducing the impact of plastic in our oceans and are working diligently to develop comprehensive solutions.”

It may be a win for parley if they are compensated for the waste the collect, but from that point on the costs involved in remaking the solid plastic into a chemical that can be extruded is far more costly than getting from virgin polyester. Adidas will have a story about saving the world from pollution that will not get them more sales because their prices will reflect that increased cost to convert the waste to waste.

adidas is a founding member of Parley for the Oceans. Since 2015, the brand has supported Parley in its efforts to increase awareness and protect the beauty and fragility of the oceans. In support of these efforts, adidas has developed a robust product line of shoes and apparel using Parley Ocean Plastic®. adidas will introduce apparel featuring PrimaLoft x Parley insulation beginning in 2020. In addition, both adidas and PrimaLoft have committed to the Parley AIR strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) to further reduce each company’s plastic footprint and fight together against the increasing pollution of the oceans.

They will be introducing a waste product made from a waste and the insulation created is not going to work as an insulation if that is what they are trying to have.

So the beat goes on and the waste products keep flowing.

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