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an incredible testimonial

Posted by

Dear Jerry,

You've made an old man very happy. The custom Fossil Ridge hood is PERFECT. The outer snaps are just right for the L-12 liner; the inner snaps for the L-6 liner.

It's difficult to find the precise words to adequately convey my depth of gratitude for the custom work you just performed for me. No wonder you're still successful after 33 years.

I'd never seen products before that were so clearly superior in design and materials, and so superbly crafted. My initial Wiggy's encounter was Lamilite socks, received as a gift last year. They helped my 'always cold' feet immediately. But I needed to understand why your socks never feel wet. So, I found your website and started reading EVERYTHING, including your informative posts - starting with the most recent, going back year by year, until I'd read them all. I learned so much. And it made me remember something I'd forgotten - what an ex-Marine told me 25 years ago: "If your life depends on it, you buy a Wiggy's bag".

First, I bought the Ground Pad. Then, Fishnets and more socks. Sunwalkers and Mukluks. Each month when my Social Security deposit arrived, I'd try to add something. Ducksback Balaclava. Renegade Mittens. Fossil Ridge Bib. Fossil Ridge Parka. I had to save up a bit after the parka, but ten weeks later I was back at it with the Ducksback Zippered Jacket (the balaclava had impressed). Recently, the Ducksback Leg Jackets.

Ducksback is amazing. It's the breathable water-repellent fabric I'd always hoped could be created.

There are a few items remaining on my Wiggy's wish list, and I look forward to chipping away at it. You've made a loyal fan and customer.

As I've aged, the cold bothers me like it never used to. I want to put Lamilite to the test. Deer season starts Tuesday and runs to mid-December. We often get challenging low temperatures and high winds. I'm confident I'll be able to hunt more often, hunt longer, and be comfortable for the first time in many years.

My only regret is it took me too long to discover what Wiggy's is really about. I may not live long enough to wear out these outstanding products!

Thank you, Jerry. And, please, thank Kok for me, and anyone else who helped make this happen.


Pete Clark

All of the larger companies servicing the outdoor industry pay athletes to promote their products or just company name, but does the company ever receive testimonials from so called people on the street. You already know the answer is NO!!!!

Kok took the time to make a new pattern so he could make a hood to fit Pete’s head. After all Pete dis spend $850 for the parka in the first place, so it is fitting to make a hood that fits properly.

When people think of Wiggy’s it is me they are thinking about but it is as I have said in the past Kok who makes so many things possible.

I have been very lucky throughout my life and having partnered up with Kok is at the top of the list of lucky’s. So now when you think of Wiggy’s you have to think of Kok as an equal.

Pete you have made our day with your letter.

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