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an open letter

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Before reading the letter please view the “youtu.be video”.



This video is not the first exposing the goretex product for what it is a bogus product!

You folks who work at Natick we tax paying citizens employ have by circumstance been in my opinion co-conspirators in the advancement of sales of the goretex material to the government and in my opinion of the USA and by virtue of that fact civilian companies have further produced product with the goretex material. All the while not one product that has ever been produced as a clothing item has ever worked as the young woman who made the video has discovered with respect to footwear.

For the past 40 plus years not a single person has stepped to the plate to support the claims put forth by the gore company.

A few years ago, this fellow Andrew Skurka produced a video exposing the many foot problems he suffered when hiking with goretex lined hiking boots just like the woman in the video.

Over the years since I have exposed the fallacy of goretex many, many people have written to me expressing their total disappointment with the products they have purchased that utilize goretex. I have published every one of them in the newsletter at the time of receipt.

I cannot tell you the number of men with whom I have spoken who have cold feet due to retention of their own foot sweat in their goretex lined boots. How many have developed foot sore I do not know but I do know that the US Marine Corps did a study probably 7 years ago of why their marines where developing foot sores to the extent of trench foot and they found out the marines were having these problems due to wet feet. They the Marine Corps even financed a program to develop a product to place in boots while in the field that would they hoped dry the marine’s boots. This effort cost the taxpayer’s more money, and nothing ever came of it. However, the taxpayers are paying the medical bills for marines and other soldiers who have foot problems due to wet feet. All because the boots are lined with goretex which guarantees to keep your sweat in the boots.

I find it difficult for you folks not to know about the fallacy of the goretex product.

Historically when it was first tested by Natick for outerwear frost was observed on the inside of the garments. When the shell fabric which was nylon was colder than 32 degrees the moisture that reached the inside of the garment condensed and froze becoming frost on the inside of the garment, this was discovered in the early 1980’s.

Every boot manufacturer uses goretex because of the militaries insistence that it be incorporated in the boots they buy. The result is civilian consumers find it difficult to find boots that do not have goretex.

Every time I see solicitations for any number of products the goretex material is always mentioned as a must have component.

Have you ever wondered why gore has never bothered to take exception to ALL the negative comments made about their product? I am sure it is because they know they cannot prove that their product works as they say.

As I see it and, in my opinion, there are numerous companies’ footwear and outerwear manufacturers that KNOW waterproof/breathable material is a myth but are to frightened to stand up to gore and just walk away.

Kudos to Dixie and  the few who have shown the courage to tell the truth about the gore product.

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