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and the BIG LIE

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Good Morning Jerry,

With a house full of relatives coming for Christmas last year, I purchased a king-sized comforter, plus a Nautilus FTRSS Overbag which I stuffed into a full-sized duvet, to complete coverage for the beds they would be using. With the house set at 66F, on the first night they turned down the heat and turned on the ceiling fans. Their dogs chose to take their naps on them. Very well made and warm products.

Of course, I had to ship the products to the relatives so they could carry them back to Colorado for me. If I can help you bring your products directly to Colorado Springs and the many military people here, then please let me know your ideas. I will look for ways. Thanks Jerry, and my respect to Kok and you for your extraordinary attention to quality.


Hi Jerry,

I agree the guy that complained about your comforter is lying. I bought a queen-sized comforter from you a long time ago, I am guessing at least 15 years ago. It worked almost too well, and I stopped using it because it was too hot and slippery. I recently bought another comforter from you and I was pleasantly surprised that it was greatly improved. I sleep in a 67° room. I like the new outer material. It is stiffer but more durable and not as slippery. I also like that you reduced the insulation, so I don’t overheat like I did with the older model. The current version works perfectly for me.


I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it. The people with those then tight jackets that don’t unzip them indoors. I have a Ducksback sweater and never zip it if I’m active. If I’m at the dog park and just waiting for my dog to do his business, I’ll zip it up. No wind seems to get through it either. Even my American Staffordshire Terrier has a Wiggys dog jacket. He likes it and I like how easy it is to put on or take off.



This morning I read about another new film to do exactly what goretex and all the others are incapable of doing being introduced into the marketplace.



Nanopores to Truly Breathe

At the core of Xpore™ Technology is a layer of unique ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores in every square inch. The pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, so they perfectly block the rain. But they are large enough for perspiration vapor and airflow to pass through. This is how Xpore™ Technology reaches true breathability and keep things dry and comfortable as you achieve more.

This new product out does gore who wrote at the time of introduction that their film had 9 billion holes per square inch and now it is 10 billion holes per square inch. And of course, this product reaches “true breathability” and you know the rest. I have wondered sometimes who did the counting>

I am beginning to believe there is so much money to be made selling this stuff that any company with the funds to come up with a new name will enter their product into the marketplace and there are numerous individuals out there who will just eat it up and believe that something of this concept can work. And they will maybe knowingly perpetuate the lie and I mean the BIGGEST LIE ever perpetrated on the general public from the textile industry.

If you ever want to understand what happens when you wear a garment that is made from any fabric that is laminated to one of these films just jump into a plastic bag with your head out so you can breath and experience how long it takes for you to become uncomfortably moist inside the plastic bag. Why because all your moisture is trapped in the bag and the same holds true when you wear one of these garments.

I am beginning to think we and most of the rest of the upscale world is full of very gullible people, because they are constantly buying into very expensive non-performing products.


Six or seven people either wrote or called me about the comforter that didn’t work at 66 degrees F in a bedroom wanting to buy it. The first person to contact me will be the recipient if it comes back.

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