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Another Dangerous Tent

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Dear Purchase Manager of Wiggy's,

Good day.

We are glad to recommend below popular products to you for SS23,

1:the six sides for five person is a great item, big space, fit able for family.

Six-sided five person tent image and schematic from Eldi Outdoor Enterprise

Best Regards


Eldi Outdoor Enterprise Ltd.

The above solicitation I received today is from a Chinese company. Please note if you already haven’t the tent fabric is POLYESTER!!!

Why is this company using polyester as their tent material [?] because, all of the companies in the USA are ordering tents made with polyester fabric! Therefore, this company is following suit as they solicit companies like Wiggy’s who sell a product to the camping market.

They probably have the material flame retardant treated—not that it means anything more than it gives off gas fumes that are cancer causing. And the fabric, therefore, should not be managed except with gloves [I refer you to the  literature published by REI since their testing with Duke University several years ago].

It is now the beginning of the camping season and I believe the number of campers has grown since before the pandemic so the number on novice campers has grown.

I went to the REI web site searching tents. They have a category “tent information” there is none you are directed to a variety of the products they sell. I went to the category “tent materials” and it said, “could not be found.” I then clicked on tents and the new page said 467 tents.

I started looking at them and clicking on the information published and I found on 95 percent of the tents I viewed on six pages were all made from polyester fabric, one was a polyester nylon blend and two were all nylon. The brands were Kelty, REI, Big Agness, Nemo, Eureka, North Face, Alps, Coleman, Marmot, and Mountain Hardwear. There may have been more brands but I had no interest in looking further. I expect any other brands listed would most likely be made with polyester fabric.

There is one and only one reason all of the companies mentioned use polyester fabric for the tents they sell is price. Everyone of these companies that sell sleeping bags also use polyester fabric for the bags. Combine the two products and you in my opinion have a disaster waiting to happen.

I did look into the cost of polyester fabric equal to the nylon I use. The cost difference is between 10 and 15 percent cheaper.

I am of the opinion the employees of the companies that are at the wholesale level as well as those in the retail level do not ever go into the woods, fields or mountains using the products they are selling and the reason is they are afraid the products will not work, particularly the sleeping bags. If they did, they would be in a dilemma situation trying to figure out how to correct the situation as in what bags and tents to bring into the stores. So, why rock the boat since every company is doing the same thing.

The message here is careful not to buy products that will endanger you, you family and especially your children.

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