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another lie, this time about insulation

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Haglöfs’ latest collection includes graphene insulating tech


Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs has launched new insulating technology with its Fall/Winter 2020 collection, one of which contains graphene.

The Mimic Platinum technology contains what the company described as a “super-conductive, Nobel Prize-winning material”, achieving a 35% improvement in insulation effect with “carbon-based technology that lets the garments heat up faster and retain their heat for longer”.

The second is called Mimic Gold insulation. This, the company said, is an “upgraded composition of the polyester material” that has improved the insulation versus weight ratio by 10%.

It is never ending; companies learn that the winter garments they have been making do not keep them warm so why would they keep their customers warm. These garments will not!

So, these companies look at anything that sounds good and has ADVERTISING associated with it. They do not know if it will perform or not.

Who makes the mimic platinum technology; who makes the mimic gold insulation? I searched the internet, maybe not enough but couldn’t find any information about these products.

The hagklofs people are trying to do what gore did lie their way to 3 billion. The carbon based technology does not let the garment heat up faster or retain the heat longer and the statement about improving the insulation by a ratio of 10 percent could have come out of the mouth of the president of primaloft. It is all lunacy.

I think it is very unfortunate that people believe all of this gibberish advertising. We have seen in my opinion numerous people attempt Everest and get in an unfortunate circumstance and die by freezing to death, we have seen people climbing mountains in the USA and freeze to death all months of the year because they were wearing articles of clothing that were supposed to keep them warm in these situations only to find they were freezing and were luck to be rescued in some situations.

When you have never been in a situation that is unforgiving you do not know it is like. The two boys I encountered when I was lost, I left and did not expect them to live because of the clothing they were wearing and had they not met Rudy they surely would have died. Me, I was never cold because what I was wearing demonstrated how well the Lamilite/Climashield would work for me.

All of these companies like haglofs chose to keep their heads in their butts because they want to make their garments sleek and very fashionable but make to outrageous claim, they will keep you warm.

I unfortunately stand alone as the manufacturer of the warmest clothing in the world without competition.

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