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another no so happy camper with goretex boots made by red wing co.

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The above commentary as you can see was sent to me on my U tube channel. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in this case the Red Wing Company would take to heart one more comment from a dissatisfied customer. Maybe more of the people who have experienced what Nathan has will contact the companies directly or the retail stores that they bought these trash non-performing boots at and returned them.

It is great that people like Nathan have an outlet trough Wiggy’s web site to voice their disappointment with these products but it is time that all of you who are unhappy with these boots go back to the source. Every company involved Gore, 3-M as well as the boot maker and retailer must be held accountable for choosing and I choosing to make available to the general public products that in the simplest of terms do not work from the get go, have never worked in the past and will not work in the future.

I personally believe that boots made with the Gore product or the like is extremely detrimental to foot health. As we age the cushioning that exists between the bones of the foot and the outer layer of skin breaks down. When you abuse your feet by keeping them saturated due to footwear that does not allow the foot produced moisture out of the footwear your foot bed so to speak will experience a separation of the cushioning internally. There have been people wearing particularly Gore-Tex lined hiking boots who after 3 days have developed significant blisters on the bottom of their feet. Hence the separation I referred too.

The more often this occurs the shorter the life span of the padding becomes.

Then there is a water buildup in the sole of the foot which will cause ankle and then leg swelling. Look at the number of elderly men, I say elderly but they may be in their 60’s and they are wearing compression socks and jogging types of shoes because they have discomfort when walking. They do not understand that a solid leather shoe with a good sole will be much better than the soft unstructured jogging shoes.

I suspect as time goes by there will be more and more men and probably women as well, all experiencing the same foot problems at earlier and earlier ages.

Think about it; a very thin material is the cause I believe of people developing foot problems at earlier ages in life because the moisture that comes out of your feet has been trapped within the footwear and that moisture becomes the root cause of a multitude of foot problems. All because this very fine flimsy material is trapping it in the footwear.

Our feet carry us for whatever our lifetime is so we should do our best to take care of them. I know many of my readers are up in years and I also know many of them are dealing with foot problems, of course the youth do not think they will experience the same problems; yes you will, it is just a matter of time and I believe the time will be earlier in life.

I would not be surprised to learn that bobby gore does not wear any footwear lined with goretex. Why should he when he knows it doesn’t work. That said just like the guy who works at Orvis who learned that the goretex boots he has from Orvis did what Nathan’s did. I am equally sure that Mr. Orvis if there is one also knows the truth but did that stop him from getting goretex boots from Danner.

I think that Nathan and all the Nathans of the world should go back to the sources of the boots and make it known that they do not do as advertised. The sources would be the retailers. Let the retailers then go back to their sources, the manufacturers who in turn would go back to their material sources like gore who would then be put on the spot to prove the impossible.

Now if more of you have equal stories like Nathan and want to write to me for publication I will comply.

Just start looking at older men shuffling because they have lived long enough to suffer the breakdown of the padding in their feet and know that you will also experience the same ailment only if you are a goretex shoe/boot wearer it will more than likely happen sooner. Then you can complain to the food and drug guys that they should have done something to prevent this. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE!!!!!!!

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Nathan Sharp commented on your video


The Myth of Waterproof Breathable Video
Nathan Sharp

I was a snowmaker in Colorado and made the mistake of getting the Irish Setter Gore-Tex boots made by Red Wing hoping they’d be the best boots ever. They weren’t. Just as described in this video my feet would perspire, the moisture would condense when it hit the freezing shell of the boots and my socks would get soaked within an hour. The only good things I can say about those boots is that they looked nice (for only a couple winters), and the soles had excellent traction (but wore very quickly).


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