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best sleeping bag

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Best Sleeping Bag. Period!!!

Dear Jerry, I have your Nautilus Overbag Rectangle; rated for +35 F, and the Hunter Ultima Thule bag; rated for -20 and when used as a set for FTRSS it rates -60. Between these two bags, I can sleep in any condition. I also have the Alaska Range Parka Liner with the L-12 for Arctic use, warmest parks I have ever had. I also have the Liner Jacket and vest which I wear most of the time. When it gets a little bit cooler I wear the vest under the Jacket which stops the wind and will keep me warm down to about 30F. Your boot liner socks are unbelievable, to say the least, Wow what a product as my feet are never wet or damp with daily use! Sam Larson who won the last "Alone” show where they were in Mongolia and it got really cold. Sam Larson used a Wiggy's Antarctic Bag rated at 60-F. Sam stated to me that he never was cold, he told me that Larry who was a runner-up used a bag from "Feather Friends at a cost of $1,100.00"! And he, (Larry), was cold a lot of the time. He stated that he could never really get warm at all!! Wiggy's bag does it again! What a testimonial from some who had to endure the elements for over 60 days! While I was in The Yukon, I had used my bags and Parka with conditions of -20 with sleet and snow and Wiggy's equipment always worked and kept me really warm. I had accidentally worked up a sweet while being in -10F and got into my sleeping bag and I was almost immediately warm and I was completely dry within minutes of being in the bag. Thanks, Jerry for such great products "That actually work"!!!!

– John Edwards

Whenever someone calls and asks a multitude of questions I always respond with as much knowledge as I can. However, when the same person finally states that a friend who has a Wiggy bag told him to call me. I ultimately say the best information you can get is from your friend because as the owner of the company I am always going to present information in its best light.

The reason I like to publish emails I receive such as this one is because it is information from users of my products. As for the alone show, I expect as time goes by the majority of the participants will be using Wiggy bags and more of my clothing since what I make does not react negatively to water.

Larry should return the ff bag to Peter H. the owner of ff.

John many thanks for send me the multifaceted testimonial.

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