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but first an observation

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M Llll

Ok here is how it really works. Modern Goretex laminates are best for sedentary activities like fishing because it cannot allow water vaper to escape fast enough to keep up with your body’s perspiration during more strenuous activities. So, no the rain didn't go through your Goretex, you're soaking wet because your sweating faster than the fabric can shed the moisture. This is true for all modern "breathable" laminates. Now if you are out of shape and get sweaty walking to the mailbox or just a profuse sweater then it's only going to make things worse. On a side note nothing on planet earth is completely waterproof. It depends on pressure. You tube has plenty of videos showing steel plates being cut in half with water. Cotton based fabrics like Ventile/etaProof are more breathable than any modern laminates. The confusion is that unless your etaProof/Ventile is of the 300-gram type then it isn't the same thing that was used for RAF immersion suits, fire hoses, etc. The Ventile fabrics I see are mostly 170 gram or lower, and without a synthetic liner the water eventually gets through.

The above email is on my u-tube web site. I have no idea who wrote it, but it is now just one more person who knows the truth about goretex etc. and is expressing his observation.

It is unfortunate that 50 years have gone by and now people are again unfortunately slowly stepping up and stating what they have learned about the falsehood of waterproof breathable materials.

The coronavirus has companies like VF (THE NORTH FACE) and Columbia Sportswear to close most of their stores in China as Nike has done.

Now they are looking at shipping finished goods to the USA that they are not selling in China.

Imagine getting into one of the “no sleep sleeping bags” they peddle and wondering if the fiber or down has been exposed to the coronavirus. Both of these companies make the “no sleep sleeping bags” as do rei and ll bean in China as well as a host of other brands. Do you actually believe they will stop importing textile products that may very well harbor the virus? Not if they can get away with it. The sporting goods stores that have remained open in China have seen a significant reduction in walk in traffic so the revenue that these companies are losing in China has to be made up elsewhere, and elsewhere is the USA.

So, now you can get a product that does not perform, has chemicals in it and now possible this coronavirus, and because the companies mentioned are publicly held the management MUST do what they can to make profits even if it is at the expense of the consuming public.

Considering the coronavirus and the tariffs that these companies are facing will cause them to remove their heads from their arses and start producing in the USA again using materials that are made here under the guidelines of out EPA so their customers will not be exposed to unnecessary invisible dangers. Then they can ship clean product to China and the rest of the world.

I must be dreaming!


Like the wpb concept that has companies all over the world trying to make what cannot be made as has been proven by bobby gore with his infamous goretex, now we have companies trying to make fabrics that will prevent you from sweating or remove the sweat by some magical means away from you before it can hurt you or keep it next to your skin because we have to have a moist skin.

One company Loomia is encapsulating “probiotic” material into clothing which can provide an alternative to antibacterial finishes and other “harsh” chemicals that can (how about are) be used on clothing.

Without reprinting most of the article which I found very difficult to read I will not subject you to all of this B/S.

People who live in our world that being the USA are clamoring about ALL of the damn chemicals that they are being subjected to and textile companies are working diligently to develop more and more chemicals that will be next to your skin and when you sweat your own body moisture will very effectively activate the chemicals so the leach into your system via your skin.

These chemical geniuses Are more dangerous to you than terrorists. These people have a reach potentially all over the country versus a terrorist who is local.

And you wonder why you suddenly start to experience what you and maybe even your doctor thinks are an allergy, when in fact it is a response to some damn chemical that was impregnated into the fabric the garments you are wearing and they were all made you guessed it China. 

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