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chopped staple fiberfill

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Chopped staple polyester fiber was developed originally by a British chemical company ICI in the late 1950’s I believe. It was copied by Dupont, Celanese, and Eastman all of whom developed a fiberfill product made from polyester. What they made for fiberfill had to be able to be processed on a machine called a “card” I believe.

This product was introduced to companies that made “no sleep sleeping bags” at that time, I know because I had one that I used when I was in the army reserves.

The chopped staple fiberfill insulated sleeping bags filled the cheap bag market. Down bag makers wanted to expand into the synthetic [polyester] bag market but did not believe they could because they couldn’t make a better bag than what was already on the market.

That changed in 1968 when Celanese introduced the Polar Guard [PG] continuous filament fiberfill product. It was more expensive and a far better product than the chopped staple fiberfill products. This resulted in every and I mean every company that was making down bags [and they were all made here in the USA] to start making Polar Guard polyester continuous filament sleeping bags. The Polar Guard was more expensive and they had a story so this is what all of them did. They all used it the way the cheaper bag makers making chopped staple fiberfill bags did, they quilted the fiber. Northface company made a shingle construction that was patented that was better. Every one of the companies that made the quilted PG bags had lots of problems and ultimately gave up. Northface kept going because they moved the production to China. Doing the work here became to expensive and eventually even the Chinese factory I believe walked away from making these bags.

That left Wiggy’s as the only producer of continuous filament sleeping bags.

I recently went to the greatest source of information the internet to see what was being used as insulation by the sellers of “no sleep sleeping bags” and here is what I learned.

All of these bags are made in Asia, China, Viet Nam, or Bangladesh.

The materials called insulation have the following names: thermolight, thermafill hollow fiber, cozy cloud loft, stratofiber, fireline pro recycled, 30 percent recycled fiber and softie. I believe if I looked further, I would have found more brands. All of these brands have one thing in common; they are all chopped staple fiberfill products.

Chopped staple fiberfill products were failures in the 1960’s so, what makes them different today? Actually, there is a difference; the fiber for fiberfill made in Asia isn’t even close to the quality that was made in the USA by the chemical companies I have named. What you get in one of these ‘no sleep sleeping bag” made in Asia is a chopped staple fiberfill that will deteriorate very quickly.

So, the American companies that chose to sell the “no sleep sleeping bags” are using the chopped staple fiberfill they did not want so many years ago when they stated using the PG and now because they never learned how to use the PG [now Lamilite] they have reverted to chopped staple fiberfill in order to have a “no sleep sleeping bag”.

I believe these companies know they have non-performing products but believe they need a product of this type.

Consumers have a choice between good and bad products. I always recommend doing the research if you do the good surfaces. All of the companies using the chopped staple fiberfill products I have mentioned do not have consumers of these products writing testimonials about them.

I believe to buy any brand of a so called sleeping bags is a waste of money.

Just received this email today. It is about our waders. If you can’t open it, it is on the web site where our waders are.


This video was just posted today and I thought you'd like to see it.

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Rick Young



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