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colder weather testimonials

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Hi Jerry,
Been using your sleeping bags and some clothing for several years now, loved them all. I've lived mostly in milder climates so never felt I could truly test them. Just moved north and recently experienced -5 to -15 degrees with wind chill thrown in as well.
Decided to go for a walk and I put on your fishnet top, a nylon/merino hoody, your Liner Jacket, and the Ducksback pullover you used to sell. I was too warm. Had to take the pullover off while moving and stayed perfectly warm with those three light layers. When I stopped for a while and put the pullover back on, I was perfectly warm on my upper body with -20 to -25 wind chills. My feet were warm with your Lamilite socks and a pair of uninsulated boots. I don't have the leg jackets yet, so my legs were a bit chilly with what I was wearing, but I plan to pick up a pair of those and never worry about that again (amongst other things for the rest of the family now that we live in colder climes).
Thanks for the great gear. It's been with me all over the mountains and coasts for years and never failed. I've been shocked at how warm that Pullover and Liner Jacket have been over the years even in soaking wet conditions for hours. I'd trust my life to your gear in the most extreme conditions. I can't think of a better compliment to give you than that.
Blessings to you and your team!

Now that we are experiencing a dramatic cold spell the testimonials are longer and in greater depth, which I am pleased to read and pass on. Always remember what Dan and the others are saying is that the Lamilite/Climashield make it possible to stay warm and dry regardless of the temperature.

I have been publishing these testimonials for the most part since 1997 however there are many more listed on the “What our customers are saying” available on the home page.

I bring this up because if you were to research other so-called insulations used in similar products to that which Wiggy’s makes you find nothing except complaints, especially when it comes to footwear. That product is 3-m’s thinsulate which I saw in the late1970’s when the so-called inventor David Kean visited my factory in S.C. wanting me to laminate the thinsulate which I did thousands of yards but told him I could make unbranded polyester batting for 1/10 the price that was better. I did laminate the Polar Guard for him to his I believe 10-ounce thinsulate. He tested it and the temperature rating was so high it was off the charts. I think 3-m contacted Celanese the produce of Polar Guard to sell it, it never happened. Today many of the 3-m thinsulate products are mostly polyester to include their newest version with aerogel [xerogel their name].

Will we ever see testimonials about the 3-m or primaloft products that contain this wonderful aerogel here on earth, they do say it is used in space. This I wonder about, of course the only space they use it in is the space between their ears.

The temperature here in Grand Junction is in the single digits so I wear my fishnets and a shirt [cotton] and then my Barron grounds parka.

I am experiencing an increase in sales of our Ultima Thule [-20] and Antarctic [-60] sleeping bags in mummy and rectangular models.

I very much appreciate all of the testimonials about the Wiggy’s

products but I never forget that it is the Lamilite/Climashield continuous filament fiberfill that makes it all possible.

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