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You get lots of testimonials on your sleeping bags, socks, and mukluks and so on, but probably not a lot for your comforter. I’m currently traveling around Australia in a caravan (Aussie speak for travel trailer) and I have one of your comforters in the caravan. Last night was a cold, hard rain in Apollo Bay, which is very near Cape Otoway in Victoria. At 1:45am I woke up when I felt something wet! Turns out that the vent/hatch directly above the bed was leaking due to a failed seal around the window. I partially stopped the flow of water during the continual rain and decided to try to get some sleep after a tiring day. I dropped off quickly even though the comforter was wet all the way through. I slept soundly and the comforter was still damp when I woke up, but I was warm. The leak is now hopefully fixed (got to love silicone sealant) and the comforter is dry. Lamilite does work as you and many others say it does. When I get done with the trip around Oz I’m buying comforters for my beds in the house! Thanks for a great product.


This is the first time I have received a testimonial about the comforter getting wet and still doing the job of keeping him warm. I believe the water coming in was not enough to get through the Lamilite. I also guess his body heat was causing the cotton shell material to dry to some degree. Thanks for the comment Jim.


If you are going to make a judgement about W.L.Gore Company the guy at top of the company is Bob Gore. From what I have listened too on the Gore web site Bob has received several degrees from two universities and after listening to all of the accolades bestowed upon him I have come to my own conclusion this man is many things; ignorant, stupid, a charlatan, snake oil salesman or pathological liar.

The Gore Company makes numerous very good products much of which is unknown to the general public. However, their flagship product that is well known to the general public is trade named Goretex. Goretex is a Teflon film laminated to fabric, to the best of my knowledge almost or maybe always synthetic fabric such as nylon. Its purpose is to keep water such as rain out of a garment referenced as a rain coat and allow the moisture that your body is giving off as sweat to escape away from you by going through the microscopic holes in the Teflon film as well as the fabric so you as the wearer of the rain coat will stay comfortable. That is the premise upon which the material was supposed to work. Did it ever, starting from its inception in the mid 1970’s until this very day; NO! Why hasn’t it worked because it cannot work as claimed, that comes from physics a subject that Bob Gore apparently stayed away from while at each of the universities he attended.

There is also the fact that people wear clothing inside of their rain coats which stifles the movement of sweat coming out of your body. As the sweat comes out of your body where does it go (?) how about into the clothing you are wearing? The clothing can be natural or synthetic it is irrelevant because that is as far as it goes. If you happen to be wearing my fishnets the moisture as a vapor will move away from your skin surface but if the next layer is a Goretex laminated fabric rain garment that moisture is NOT going to get through those microscopic holes. The end result is that you are still wet.

How did Bob Gore and his father Bill Gore reconcile this problem in the 1970’s when they thought they had a new miracle product? They didn’t and no one either in the employ of Gore or any other company that makes the same stuff has either. Why because you cannot reconcile the impossible with logic.

The charade does not end with Gore but it is extended to companies that either manufacture in their own factories or have product contract sewn for them, then there are the retail outlets for these products. All people involved are implicated in the marketing of products that use a material that DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED BY GORE COMPANY. That means all of the sales clerks in stores like rei or ll bean are blatantly lying to the customer who has an interest in these types of garments.

Everything starts at the top! You can choose the word of choice to describe Bob Gore.  

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