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correct temperatures

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I now own three of the super light bags from Wiggy's, and unlike so many other manufacturers of sleeping bags, the temperature rating you see online is indeed the temperature that you can sleep at AND keep warm! My friend and I took our bags to northern Michigan in late January for their 'maiden voyage' if you will. The temperature dropped to two degrees Fahrenheit that night, but our Wiggy's bags kept us both warm without issue. I just ordered an additional two super light bags for the family along with a matching Wiggy's dog bed for our four-legged member of the family. I plan on ordering the FTRSS over bags for each as soon as I can afford them. Keep up the great work Wiggy's, you have a customer and referral for life!

– Joshua P.


Many thanks for your report supporting the fact that the temperature ratings in this case the Super Light are factually accurate. You and your friend are two more who have attested to that.

When I first started making sleeping bags under the Olam name, I used various weights of the original Lamilite made with Polar Guard. Because Polar Guard could only be made to a thickness of 10 ounces and it had much more resin on it than what I use today I had to build up layers to accommodate thicknesses for the various temperatures the bags were rated for. Since using the Climashield to make the Lamilite I have weights available to me as thick as 15 ounces. And since the resins needed to hold the fibers in place on the surface there is more loft per ounce that is created when the “batting” is made.

Based upon my experience with the bags made at Olam I had insight into what would work for the Wiggy’s bags. what I did not realize that each and every bag would actually surpass my rating by a small amount in some of the lighter weight bags and a significant amount in the heavier weight or colder weather rated bags.

All of that said about the performance capability of the Lamilite I would like to broach another not so good subject. The winter months ahead.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people have lost their jobs at this time and do not know if they will get them back any time soon regardless if the virus basically terminates between spring and summer. That means people will have the need to be as conservative as possible with their funds.

Going into the colder months many myself included will keep their thermostats turned down as much as possible. To off set this situation a good durable easily washed sleeping bag will help. I will be speaking with Kok about making light weight comforters from several of our materials such as the window covering fabric. I have been using a comforter made from the material for the past 5 years and find it very comfortable with my thermostat at 65 degrees.

We will cost these out and have them on the web site possibly as early as next week. We will do our best to have products that are not only economical but as durable as you expect from Wiggy’s.

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