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But first 3 testimonials, I suspect two are from the same person, Dan.

Like No Sweater I Own.

It’s called a sweater but its warmer than any other sweater I've ever owned. I have the Ducksback and have only had it out in a fine mist. The water did bead up on it but dried pretty quick once inside. It’s really warm and comfortable. The pockets are a nice size and are cut in a way so that stuff doesn't fall out while sitting or moving.

– Dan

Great Cold Weather Jacket

Jerry, I’ve been buying your products for several years now trying to replace all of my cold weather hunting gear. So far everything I've purchased is working as advertised and I will continue purchasing your products. The Ducksback sweater is a warm addition that I'm very satisfied with. Please offer your gear in more hunting camouflage patterns, since I'm sure this appeals to your fellow hunters. --- [The Ducksback is not available at this time in a camouflage pattern nor do I expect it to be. Also, I am switching all of my outerwear to Ducksback so Olive green and black are your choices in Ducksback or Multicam in camouflage which is not Ducksback.]

I've been following your boot dilemma; I have a pair of your Lamilite boots and love them. Since you are convinced you are out of the boot business, please consider offering your Lamilite socks in a L-6 platform. I have the Sunwalker’s for PAC Boots and would think L-6 sock would suffice for a thicker sock in an oversized non Gortex hunting boot. Looking forward to this hunting season since cold weather is no longer an issue. Let’s see some more videos. [Since the insulation would be crushed when the boots are laced properly. However, if you want to invest in a custom pair and then tell us if they were beneficial, I’ll make them for you.- I have been thinking about more videos, we will see.]

Keep Your Feet Warm

I have owned the original Wiggy’s Booties and the advertised pair. Going to bed with warm feet keeps the rest of you comfortably warm. The newer versions are very well made with a sole that stands up to the elements whether it be your carpet, concrete patio or garage. Wiping the soles off before entering your bed or sleeping bag eliminates any debris adhering to the soles. The newer versions are truly a wise investment in the Winter months and are far better that anything I’ve found on the market.

– Dan

Dan, am I thanking you for a second testimonial with in 24 hours? If so, thank you, if you are a different Dan thank you too!

I am particularly please to get testimonials about the Ducksback jackets. I was not being flippant when I recently said that the Ducksback material was actually what bobby and bill gore thought they discovered 50 years ago. Had they said they had a product when laminated to nylon made the nylon as water resistant as is possible versus “breathable” versus vapor permeable that would have been a reasonable description. But waterproof and breathable was a blatant lie. We know it is not a breathable concept because inanimate objects such as ptfe film and nylon are not alive, with lungs as we have so it does not breath. We also know that it is not waterproof by virtue of the fact that years ago gore started selling their own brand of water repellent treatment. They stopped as far as I know and have left the market to companies that sell water repellent treatments. Seems that the goretex garments need re-water repelling often.

In addition to the above facts it has now been revealed that Teflon chemicals are carcinogenic and ptfe film is Teflon. So, my question is is Teflon film, ptfe, a material that leaches a carcinogenic chemical. If so, has anyone become ill from wearing goretex laminated fabric garments and if so, have the doctors attributed the illness to an allergy versus a chemical sensitivity response. If it is a chemical sensitivity response, there are many thousands who may unknowingly been having a response to the ptfe film. Also do not forget that the film is laminated to the nylon and the adhesive used is a chemical that may be toxic, and it may also leach fumes into the air that you are breathing while wearing one of these garments.

What I do know is the reality of people having foot problems. Your foot is confined in a shoe, your own moisture is confined in the shoe, the goretex film is confined in the shoe and of course the adhesive is also confined in the shoe. The reality is the foot sores that develop and in footwear’s case the people with foot problems is prolific.

They can do laboratory testing all they want, but I believe in human testing. It is for this reason when someone tells me that they are chemically sensitive I have no problem sending them a sample of the materials that are used by me, Wiggy’s to sleep with or whatever to experience for themselves if they have a reaction. I willingly do this even though I use pure finish materials. I suppose if I tested these materials in a laboratory, they would show they are okay, but I prefer that the person who is interested in buying my products find out for themselves. It is possible that someone does have a reaction, and, in that case, I would not want them to spend their money with me knowing full well they ultimately will not be happy.

One thing that I am appalled by is the fact that REI spent money with Duke University 5 or 6 years to find out if the fire-retardant chemicals applied to the fabrics used for tents was safe or not. It demonstrated that it is not. As the REI says on their own web site wear gloves when setting up a tent you buy from us because the fire- retardant chemicals applied to the fabric will come off on your hands. Of course, they don’t say to wear a mask in the tent since you would be breathing the fumes. Are these tents dangerous? And the answer in my opinion is yes. I ask one and all; do you want to get into a confined area and breath toxic fumes? However, they are still selling these tents even though all of their investigation shows they are dangerous to a person’s health.


During the past few days I have become aware of the nasty goings on about the uniforms provided to Delta Airlines and American Airlines from Land’s End Company.

What we know is that a significant number of employees have developed rashes of all sorts as a result of wearing the uniforms. These people were not necessarily chemically sensitive, but they are now. These people’s bodies were being poisoned by the chemicals that were leaching out of the clothing they were wearing. The reactions of each person’s body was to the chemicals. Doctors examining them told them they were reacting to chemicals not allergic reaction, but is there a difference when chemicals are involved?

As I understand it Land’s End representatives told the airlines the garments would be made in the USA. Any product made in the USA must be identified as to where it is made and the components. Any product that is imported and I can tell you when I was importing backpacks the manufacturer put the country of origin inside, so I had to tell the customs agents were to look to find it. If it did not appear, they would not have released the shipment. What I was told is that the uniforms were not only not made in the USA but in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Germany of all places.

I was also told that these garments did not have any labels on them at all. Were the customs agents sleeping? Why didn’t the garments have labels sewn into them? In that manner when the airlines received them, they would not know they were imported. Maybe they thought being made in USA meant that it was unnecessary that labels be there.

As for as I know not putting labels on garments and probably everything else Imported is a jail able offence. I suspect the Land’s End representatives must have told them not to put the labels on the garments.

I know a guy who imported boots for the military with made in USA labels sewn in them, he is doing 5 years hard time.

The worst part of this situation is that the materials were mostly polyester and polyester is very difficult to dye since it does not absorb as cotton does, the color is basically painted on the fibers and if the fibers are not made correctly in the first place the color bleeds or crocks off of the fabric and when it does it takes with it the chemicals that were used to make the polyester which individually are toxic and the result is what we are reading about. There are I am told chemical plants in China that make the polyester fiber as we do according to EPA regulations, I believe established years ago when DuPont, Celanese and Eastman made polyester. But the process is costly, and all of the poor-quality factories get the business based upon price.

Since so much of what is available in stores today is polyester clothing and most of it originates in China pay attention to where or not the coloring of your garment is coming off on your skin when you sweat, if so your garment is poisoning you, nice to know and you thought that spandex pant was cute and sexy.

Unfortunately, the line of knowledge from fiber producer to garment retailer about the various processes involved is nil.

Unfortunately, when we have a catastrophe as we have with Delta and American Airlines there is a great deal of exposure that affects many more than the airline employees. The airline employees have recourse and that is to sue the airline. The airline has recourse to sue Land’s End and all Land’s End can do is go out of business. The airline employees will sue for compensation for the rest of their lives. Imagine the cost for several thousands of employees.

I wonder what will happen when customers of REI or LL BEAN show up at the door with the same complaint, will they brush them off as the like to do?

This is a perfect example of the opening of pandoras box.

Maybe Cotton Incorporated will stop trying to make cotton better than it is by mixing in chemicals that will some how improve it, but actually change it to a product that is not good. I think the wool industry is also screwing around with wool fiber. Just leave them as they are and have been for several thousands of years.

Companies like the ho ho institute and bluesign have no knowledge of what it takes to make polyester fiber, but they do know what works and what doesn’t. all of the employees of these two companies and several others have brown eyes, need I tell you why?

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