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discontinued product sale

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Since we have changed all of our jacket production other than liners from Supplex to Ducksback we have some Supplex Antarctic parkas left.

They originally sold for $425.00 with the coyote ruff and now they are marked down to $325.00 each. They will be listed on the web site either today or tomorrow.

The availability is as follows; small-1 od;1-woodland camo—medium2-od; large—10- od, 5-navy,1-acu; extralarge-1-black,1-od,1-navy;2 xl-1-white,2-black,6-od.


I do not know if Celliant is also named as a co conspirator with Under Armour even though they are named in the lawsuit. If not, they should be. It is Celliant who brought the bogus material to Under Armour in the first place. What is Celliant?

Celliant is said to have the ability to increase your body’s oxygenation. Oxygenation is an external intervention that increases the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the lungs, and this increases circulation. This is something essential for athletes and people with active lifestyle.

If you are wearing a T-shirt made for polyester fabric that has the Celliant material embedded in it that is made by UA how does the T-shirt supply the increased oxygen to your lungs? I do not care if you ask the Celliant people or UA for an answer what you will get is ZERO response. So much for oxygenation.

This claim has some significant implications for the benefits you could receive by employing this fabric in your daily life and while you sleep. This oxygenation will supposedly provide you with a more restful sleep, help you to recover more quickly from physical activity, and support your thermoregulation.

Notice they start out with the word “claim”, one can claim anything they want, but proving it is different and Celliant cannot prove the claim. The lawsuit claims correctly so that the recovery from physical activity does not occur.

What’s Thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation is when your body can maintain its core internal temperature. When your body is in control of its optimal temperature, it’s known as being in a state of equilibrium. Thermoregulation is important for the body and sleep for many reasons.

If your internal temperature is rising during sleep, there is a chance that you’re experiencing a fever, fatigue from exercise or trouble digesting food. These scenarios lead to a less than satisfactory night’s sleep.
Celliant’s claim to assist with maintaining the equilibrium of your body implies that it’s helping to prevent you from entering into dangerous conditions. Ultimately, avoiding the detrimental effects of a rising or lowering body temperature can contribute to a good night of rest.

Again, they are “claiming” an action takes place but do not prove it because they cannot. the Celliant material has absolutely nothing to do with thermoregulation, the body does that all by itself.

We now learn what Celliant really is.


Synthetic Polymer

Celliant is a brand-name synthetic polymer bicomponent fiber made from polyethylene terephthalate with optically active particles embedded into the core. Hologenix LLC, the company that markets the fiber, paid for a single study that claims it increases oxygenation in body tissue and demonstrated to reduce minor aches and pains. Initially marketed as Holofiber, Hologenix changed the name to Celliant to avoid confusion about the nature of the core of its fiber. Celliant is claimed to interact with electromagnetic emissions produced by the human body to achieve the increased oxygenation.

Celliant is a polyester fiber with “optically active particles embedded into the core” fibers they have extruded. What they have done is mix their secret particles in the chemical mixture and then extruded the fibers, so the secret particles are in the fibers.

Note again how they this time refer to one study they paid for that “claims” it does something that I believe is an impossible action. They further “claim” it interacts with “electromagnetic emissions produced by the human body”. In all my years of being in the business of producing insulating materials and making insulated garments and sleeping bags I have never heard of electromagnetic emissions.

The reason for the name change is because DuPont owns the HOLLOFIL name, I guess.

UA has for the last few years been venturing into new products and they have not fared well with any of them as far as I know from what I read in the sporting good online magazines. So why not get involved with Celliant, since it has a good story.

If this product was so good, why has not any of the UA competitors been using it. Afterall, it has been around probably 10 years. Maybe, they are disbelievers that it works, but the UA folks did not care if it worked or not; they never thought some one would read the bogus information and say great until they realized hay this is not doing what is claimed in the advertised literature.

Number 5 of the complaint---defendant describes how the product purports to work.

During performance, the body emits heat. (before the performance during and after the body emits heat, the body of all living humans are always emitting heat).

(now for the hocus pokes action) the UA RUSH (their garment) fabric absorbs that heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. Heat leaves the source and never turns around to go back to where it came from, that is a law of physics.

The reality of the Celliant product is that the substance mixed in with the polyester chemicals is encased in the chemical and IF it had this remarkable ability it would not be able to do anything because it is encased in the fiber once the fiber is a solid. However, this product is like goretex another product that does not perform as the seller claims.

A class action lawsuit is long over do against goretex. There are many millions of people who can attest to the reality that goretex has never worked in the boots or rainwear. I would do it, but I have never actually purchase a goretex lined product.

As far as work out wear everything out there made from polyester fabrics works exactly like the UA RUSH and if your satisfied then continue to use those garments. But if you want garments that actually will give you a little more recovery then you should be wearing 100 percent cotton. Cotton absorbs your sweat and moves it to the outside of your garment so the moisture can now evaporate. The cotton also absorbs your heat and again moves it away from you. The end result is that you have more endurance. Basketball players do not wear polyester full body suits made of polyester that has been embedded with Celliant, why because it does not work. They wear tops that are loose fitting without sleeves, so the sweat and heat moves away from their bodies as quickly as possible.

I believe the class action lawsuit against UA should also include Celliant and the party who has brought the suit against them will prevail.

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