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do you really want to be electrified?

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I researched the Makita fan jacket and found it on the Amazon web site at a cost varying from $110.00 to $222.00 depending upon size. It is interesting that the large is more expensive than the 2 XL.The $222.00 garment is heated.

It is obvious that my thinking Hammacker Schlemmer would be the retailer but I do not believe they will take it now that it is on Amazon.

This is a “technical garment” so if you call Amazon will there be anyone to tell you about the garment, probably not. Also, because it is on Amazon I imagine it will not show up in your favorite outdoor store.

Looking further into the Makita web site I saw several models to include a heated vest. The world of electrically heated clothing is being increased by new companies getting into the field. Is it possible they are not seeing enough sales of their tools so they are looking for other areas to grow their business? what if anything do they know about outerwear other than lets electrify!

This is beginning to remind me of the introduction of a previous product that never worked but because so many retailers fell in love with a concept versus reality a multitude of manufacturers chose to use the material regardless of the material supplier. Material suppliers popped up all over the world and not a one of them ever proved to this day that their material could work as the original one was not able to do but they sold it anyway saying the same erroneous things about their product.If you are wondering what that product was; don’t hold your breath any longer; the original was goretex and every copy is equally able to copy goretex in as much as goretex doesn’t work nor do any of the copies.

Now we have more and more companies bringing to market garments that are electrically charged that will keep you cool, or warm and or dry.Imagine that!!! If these companies are able to hood wink the masses just like the waterproof/breathable snake oil sales man have done you will not be able to find any jackets that do not have electrical wires in them; except for WIGGY’S.

I imagine that Gert Boyle at Columbia Sportswear and Yvon Chinuard at Patagonia as well as all of the members of the boards of directors at Nike, Adidas, REI, Basspro/Cabelas,L.L. Bean, Helly of Helly Hanson and every other company you can think of saying WE have to start working on electrical charged garments because it is the wave of the future of the jacket industry. After all if a large company like Makita is getting into the jacket business with electrically charged jackets there must be a future. The only good that I can see is better batteries.

With all of the waterproof/breathable garbage the worst that happens to you is that you get wet. But with electrically heated garments you could lose your life to hypothermia when the batteries go dead. Batteries do go dead much faster when they are subjected to a cold environment. But what do I know about cold weather, more than the entirety of all humans who are involved with cold weather apparel.

I have previously written why electrically heated garments are dangerous and that has not changed. You do not want to ever fool your body, because once the battery goes dead you maybe next.

All of these companies mentioned are only interested in trends and fads. They are not now and haven’t been for quite some time interested in making products that actually will work for the intended purpose.

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