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does tim boyle get letters like this at columbia sportswear

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Hi Jerry,

I just posted this on ADVenture Rider.

Your fans stand up for Wiggy’s!

Keep up the great work.




Roadbeast to Kiwi Canuck13 minutes agoedited

Lamilite made by Wiggy’s- the ONLY SLEEPING BAG MAKER in the USA and the only bag maker who has legit temp ratings. All/all other bag makers use the cheapest fill material - chopped poly fiber fill - regardless of price and virtually all made in China. This poly fiber stuff doesn’t work. Manufacturers have all kinds of crazy gimmicky names but it’s all the same trash. Anything that says nano or treated or creates its own heat is baloney. That $1400 -72 bag is BS. Try it in that weather and you will die.

Down absorbs the body’s sweat and after a few days of dampness becomes useless. You don’t sleep because you’re cold.

You can soak a Wiggy’s bag and by morning be dry and warm. Will never happen with down or chopped staple.

Wiggy’s are washable, hard core great pieces of kit which is why they are the choice of Canadian rescue units, US Special Forces, all manner of USAF aircrew survival kits, Alaska pipeline workers and those who don’t care about names, labels or colors.

I don’t work for Wiggy’s or anything like that, but I have 6 of his bags for me and my family and I’ve used them under all kinds of conditions. From easy summer nights to war in Iraq - yeah it snows there too.

Nothing else comes close and everything I say is proven - I don’t blow smoke. He makes great gear. Check out the website. Wiggy himself can be an ornery sob defending US manufacturing and his business which is why he is loved by us but he knows more about manufacturing and sleeping bags than any of the “in it for the money crowd” who are know nothings when it comes to materials.

Wiggy’s bags last 20-30 years, are washable and start around $125 bucks. He always runs specials. You cannot go wrong.

Ok I’m done. Best to all, happy trails and stay safe.

I have been told by many a customer that they read reviews about my sleeping bags as well as other products on various web sites. You can be sure that I am very appreciative of all who say things that encourage others to buy my products.

Occasionally, I get a letter such as Tom’s that has been published somewhere, so seeing it this morning certainly makes my day and week. Tom thank you very much!!!

I like to think the writing is on the wall when it comes to down filled sleeping bags. it is universally known that down is an absorber of water which makes it a useless product. it is also known that the down processors will do anything they can to try and convince consumers they have done something to keep the down from absorbing moisture, unfortunately for them their efforts are in vein. They are applying a water repellent chemical to the down clusters and it does break down as easily as it does when applied to fabric. So, you are left with a material that will absorb water anyway. Aside from that every down bag on the market is highly over-rated as far as temperature rating is concerned.

The following comment appears on the Wiggy’s U-Tube channel

Youssef Martinez

Just bought a Ducksback Antarctic Parka. Your Antarctic Parka was my brother's favorite jacket before he passed. He even named his coat. We all had an inside joke because of the coat. In a way your products have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Thank you.

It is always good to know that your products are living on even if the original owner isn’t. I do hope he had a long life.


I was reading an article in the recent Apparel magazine where Tim Boyle CEO of Columbia Sportswear was once again complaining about the taxes and tariffs placed on outerwear and footwear coming from China. In the article he is claiming that these “punitive taxes” could reach as high as 62.5 percent. If that were the case his sales would plummet because the prices would be so high for the garbage product’s he sells no one would buy them. It would also give him reason to consider producing in the USA. The reality is his garbage is still at the low-end cost at retail, but his profits might be taking a hit. I do not believe he has ever given any thought to producing in the USA ever again.

So much for successful companies coming back to the USA to produce for the USA market, which is their main market. 

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