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North Face Innovation Expert To Lead Stanford’s LifeLabs Textile Start-Up

This is a perfect example of how universities get educated. I will explain as we read the article.

Scott Mellin, who previously served as the innovation leader at The North Face for FutureLight and The Advanced Mountain Kit, has been named CEO of LifeLabs Design, Inc., a Stanford University-supported textile start-up focused on sustainable solutions.

Note that scott is the innovator of a product that does not function; futurelight. Futurelight is the northface version of goretex, which I wrote about maybe a year ago. I do not know how well garments are selling with the futurelight processed fabric, but I suspect not very well. These garments are more expensive than the northface goretex garments. If according to northface their futurelight is superior to goretex why continue using it? I believe because the goretex is cheaper.

The “amk” contains a series of 10 garments meant to help mountain climbers more swiftly summit mountains. I am not nor have I ever been a mountain climber but I know enough from friends etc. people who are and the clothing does not make a difference; it is one’s ability and knowledge that are required. More nonsense.

Founded by Professor Yi Cui, director of Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy and a 15-year veteran of Stanford’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Meng Sui, CEO of EEnotech and 4C Air, Inc. and a chemist and patent agent, LifeLabs goal is to commercialize the textile patents from Stanford’s advanced materials lab.

At this time I have no knowledge of materials used fro garments coming out of the labs at Stanford university.

Mellin was global VP of Mountain Sports at The North Face, from February 2020 to April 2021. He was global GM, Mountain Sports, The North Face from January 2017 to February 2020.

The corporate folks must like him because they move him around in hopes he will settle down and be successful at what job they give him.

LifeLabs and the Life System of textiles introduces a suite of intellectual property and patents addressing peoples’ environments, from mobility to home, work, and sport.

I guess lifelabs and life system of textile has much to introduce to us.

LifeLabs’ patented textiles “reduce energy on a personal and global scale, while its process streamlines the supply chain, uses less energy, fewer materials, and pollutes zero toxic chemicals,” said the LifeLab.

If lifelabs has patented textiles that do all of the wonderful things we have just read why have they not told us before?

LifeLabs noted in a recent statement that the textile industry is considered among the world’s worst for air pollution and the second-largest consumer of water.

I have been working with textiles for wearing apparel and sleeping bags for 60 years and the auto industry has been working with textiles much longer and I could name several more and I have never before been told we are the world’s worst air polluter. I do know in the textile business we use lots of water, second most I do not know. The answer to how to change things is to end the production of materials and then we could all run-around-nude.

“‘Fast fashion'” has further contributed to global clothing production doubling between 2000 and 2014, and nearly 60 percent of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced. Garment production makes up roughly 10 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions, more carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined, and that number is expected to rise by almost 50 percent by 2030,” said LifeLab.

I agree that so much ends up in land fills and you can blame that on the companies the make the stuff. Aside from the fact that the materials a of poor quality they change styles from year to year, so people can buy more.

“The future of textiles is not based on lower cost-engineering but rather higher sustainability objectives and performance-benefit delivery,” Mellin said in a statement. “LifeLabs believes in a better world through science and design.

scott enjoy your time at Stanford because you, lifelabs will never accomplish what you are talking about. The textile industry is what it is so you might as well accept it. Universities as I see it do not get educated sometimes because those who are supposed to be the educators aren’t.

By the way i do not think, believe anything will come out of this arrangement between northface and stanford.

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